If the fear of falling in the tub or shower, keeps you from this daily necessity, then you should consider shower grab bars. If you are elderly, or someone with mobility issues, then using some mobility aids is a way for you to continue with the activities you enjoy or need to do. It will help you stay independent and safe in the bathroom.

Everyone likes privacy in the bathroom, so by adding a few mobility aids, you can keep independent. There is no need to shred your bathroom and do large and expensive renovations, unless you want to. You can install many mobility aids in the bathroom the way it is now.

Depending on how limiting your mobility is, will depend on the type of aid you could use. There are many bathroom mobility aids, such as bath transfer benches, shower stools, bath chairs, and bath steps, that can all help you to continue being independent. But shower grab bars will give you that extra help you need to stop from falling.

You can purchase many mobility aids in medical stores, pharmacies and online at such places asshower grab bars Amazon Medline 24 Inch Grab Bar, Knurled Chrome (pictured) You can set them up yourselves too, but shower grab bars should be installed by a professional. They need to be right into the studs of the walls in order to be able to take your weight when trying to move in the tub or shower. You don't need them falling off the wall, when you need them the most. So those suction cup ones are not the best for anyone with mobility issues. They should be installed right into the stud wall with proper screws.

If you are going to use these shower grab bars, you need them to be able to take most of your weight if they are going to stop you from falling. They can be installed right over your present tiled walls, or whatever coverage you have around your tub and shower. As long as they can be secured properly they will do their job.

You can decide where you need these shower grab bars or tub bars to go, and then you will feel better about getting in and out of the tub or shower. If properly placed, these shower grab bars, can stop you from feeling that fear or anxiety of falling.

Fear of falling is one of the biggest fears seniors, or anyone with mobility issues has in the bathroom. There are so many slippery surfaces to have to deal with. But if you think about where your weaknesses are, then you can decide which mobility aid will work best for you and where to place the shower grab bars.

Shopping online is a great way to compare mobility products. If you are caring for aging relatives, then bathroom or shower grab bars may be something you will want to consider installing. This will give them the confidence they need to take care of their bathroom needs, depending on their range of mobility.

There are many mobility aids for elderly on the market now. Only when you are shopping for one particular aid, you may notice other aids that would be useful too. Most mobility aids are affordable and will give a senior more freedom of movement.

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