Jensen shower radio with mirror

If you're searching for any multi functional shower radio with mirror that can be used without having to worry about getting it broken as a consequence of steam which will surround it in a bathroom, then this Jensen Shower Radio with a combined CD player may be the ideal thing for your requirements.

This radio is multi purpose as it contains the following characteristics and features;

A Radio With AM/FM Tuner & Integrated CD Player

The Jensen shower radio has a built in memory in order to programme and set it to your most-liked radio channels. This radio has been produced with a front loading CD player which makes it a cinch to operate.

Radio Comes With A Digital Clock & Steam Resistant Mirror

It's always convenient to have a clock nearby so that you don't indulge yourself too much in the bath and consequently you will be able to keep on schedule.

It can be frustrating when you wish to take a quick look in the mirror but the water vapor has made it all unclear. This steam resistant mirror will stay crystal-clear irrespective of the steam created from your hot water from your bath.

This Radio Includes A Head Phone Jack & A Helpful Hanging Hook

If you choose to use this radio in other places, it is easy to listen to it without annoying anyone around you. The hook will enable you to clip this water resistant bathroom radio directly on the shower head or curtain rod meaning you can have your music really close to your ears for best sound.

If you prefer, place this radio onto a counter top or on your shelf because it is designed with a good and level base in order that it can be used in any room in your home.

Battery Operated Or AC Adapter

When you are using this waterproof radio in the shower, then you just need to add 4 C batteries. Alternatively, it is easy to connect the AC adapter and run it at the mains.

This kind of lightweight shower radio with mirror and CD player would be a great addition for any bathroom and it could be chosen as a brilliant gift idea for a member of the family or a friend. Other great ideas that you could buy for the home include the Presto electric griddle or a really impressive wrought iron chandelier to add a touch of class.