Shower Remodeling

If you're sick of your shower leaking or bored of its plain design and could use a change of scenery while taking a shower, then shower remodeling may just be the solution you want. Sure, shower remodeling may sound like a big undertaking, but with the right choices, you can turn your shower into a luxury spa if you want to. Shower remodeling can be a lot of fun during the conceptualizing, as you can go all out and be creative all you want.

So why should I consider shower remodeling?

Shower remodeling allows you to rebuild your shower from the base up. You'll want to do this if, as mentioned, your shower has defects or could use a renovation in terms of decor. It'll let you think of a new concept for your shower. For instance, if you're living in an inherited house, there's a fair chance that you didn't design the bathroom and the shower, of course. Shower remodeling will allow you to rethink and rebuild the shower you have, just the way you want it to look.

In shower remodeling, you'll find that there are a lot of shower designs and features out there. You can mix and match these ideas and mesh them with your personal taste to let your shower be as unique and personalized as it can be. And through shower remodeling, you can make your bathroom more functional, edgy and modern.

If you thought that shower remodeling can't get any more personalized, you can remake your shower by yourself. That way you'll save a lot of money on building costs, and shower remodeling will be a lot more satisfying, especially if you have a thing with handiwork. If there is a lot of modification involving plumbing, you should seek professional help though.

Some tips on shower remodeling

You might want to consider getting a double shower, which is a feature that is gaining more and more popularity in the market. This way, you won't have to wait for people in your shower to finish before you can use it. And with double showers, you can have twice the edginess and efficiency. Make sure, though, that your bathroom has sufficient space before you build double showers.

If you do have the space but don't want a double shower, the addition of a bathtub is always feasible. Keep in mind, though that you should keep it away from the shower. And if you can spare even more space, you should think about throwing in a claw-foot bathtub that will add style and depth and can be a central focus of your bathroom's decor. If claw-foot tubs don't suit your taste, though, there are a lot of styles of tubs to choose from, such as whirlpool baths, which give you a mini-Jacuzzi feel while bathing.

Another very well-known feature that's all the rage is those new high-tech shower heads. These shower heads pulsate as they are being used, giving you a massage. These can be a bit costly, but they sure add a lot of relaxation to your daily or nightly showers, and if you plan to sell your house, they'll raise its value. Keep in mind that there are many types of shower heads out there, with varied designs and features, and you can take your shower to a higher level simply by upgrading your shower head. A shower head can turn your shower into a spa.

For more aesthetic appeal, you may reinvent the color scheme of your shower. For instance, if your previously-sparkling-white tiles are now crusted with mildew or water stains, you can take them all off and replace them with darker colors for easier maintenance. Even the light fixtures can be redone in shower remodeling. Why not give your shower a warm, cozy touch by adding lightbulbs or overhead lamps that cast a welcoming glow?

I can't decide on what I want while shower remodeling, but I really want to fix my shower. What should I do?

After you make up your mind and decide that you want your shower retouched, you can either choose how it looks like by yourself, with friends, or with professional help. You can hire skilled workers to do shower upgrades and install fixtures like plumbing and electricity. This way, you save time and effort in shower remodeling. If you're changing your shower's cosmetics, though, this isn't necessary as you can do all that by yourself.


If you think your shower needs a facelift or a transplant, then it's about time that you considered shower remodeling; it's worth the effort and cost.