Installing specifically tailored safety showers for seniors is a sound investment. Many seniors appreciate the freedom to go about their daily lives independently and specially designed shower stalls offer comfort and peace of mind. Slips, falls and other dangers can all be prevented with the right bathroom modifications. The good news is that showers for the elderly and for those who are handicapped don’t require huge budgets and can be done with relative ease.

Easy access shower enclosures are easy to use and don’t require a lot of maintenance to keep clean. Many safety features can be customized to address the special needs and desires of the elderly, including grab bars and single handle shower controls. Some handicap showers are designed to have a small incline to allow water to flow into the drain during a shower. This helps prevent water leaks and slipping on wet floors.

Accessibility is a prime concern in showers for the elderly and the best designs allow the user to come in and out of the stall without needing to step around obstacles. Some are also wheelchair and walker friendly. Properly designed shower enclosures for seniors can be more spacious than a bathtub. Often times converting a normal shower into a handicap shower is more affordable than a complete bathroom renovation.

General tips on safe showers for the elderly

Adding non-slip rubber mats with the suction attached to the floor near the shower stall provides safety and helps prevent accidental slips. Shower stalls are a safer alternative to bathtubs since they avoid the need to climb in and out. If you have a preference for bathtubs, investing in a walk-in bathtub offers both safety features and the convenience to take baths and showers.

A shower/bathroom on the first floor of the house can be more accessible for the elderly and others with physical disabilities. Hand held shower heads offer more flexibility to reach all parts of the body. Built-in shower seats can provide a comfortable way of cleaning oneself without the need to stand for extended periods. Temperature control mechanisms in handicap showers can prevent scalding.

Factors such as bathroom lighting in the shower enclosure can help make it easier to move in and out of the showers. Installing an alarm system in close proximity to the shower allows vulnerable individuals to signal for assistance should they need it. Remember that small things like keeping personal hygiene items like body wash, towels and shampoo within easy reach can help a lot.