When you take a shower you want to feel clean and refreshed. The truth is that most showers that don't have filtering systems attached to them leave you somewhat dirty and quite possibly irritated from the contaminants that are left on your skin.

A shower water filter system can help to eliminate unwanted contaminants from regular water that you just don't want on your skin. Here is some helpful information about this type of filter. The contaminants that are found in our local water supply are many and whenever anyone takes a shower with an unprotected system then the contaminants will be transferred to their skin even when the shower is done.

Regular tap water has many contaminants in it and though the levels are safe enough to be used on a daily basis; still you would want to remove most if not all of the different substances found in water. A primary substance in tap water is chlorine.

Chlorine in the water helps to keep bacteria and germs from spreading and causing people to get sick. Chlorine and chloramines serve this purpose and completely ridding our supplies of this substance may not be the best thing to do. Even though this is the case chlorine has some negative effects on the skin because it acts as a drying agent that removes the moisture. You can see this effect on people when they first get out of a swimming pool and after they dry off they are ashy.

The next harmful substance is unstable organic compounds. Usually this type of contaminant comes in the form of pesticides, herbicides, and other substances. These kinds of materials usually run off the land from farming or from some form of manufacturing. Also some companies and landfills dump contaminants in landfills or water supplies. Fluoride is another important substance that is needed in our water supply. This substance helps with our dental problems. But fluoride has been known to cause some negative health effects as well. Heavy metals, bacterial and viruses, and general sediment are also found in our tap water.

What a shower water filter system does is that it takes the substances that are found in the local water supply and filters them out through various types of systems. One is the vitamin C filter that uses the vitamin C substance to remove the effects of chlorine. Another is the KDF filter which uses copper and zinc in order to neutralize the chlorine through electrochemical process. Some filtrations systems use carbon to remove chlorine and organic compounds.

There isn't a filtration system that will completely remove all the contaminants form the water. The only way you can even come close to this is by having the plumbing system in your home turned into a water filtering system. Even though this is the case a shower water filter system will help you to remove some contaminants from your water and having less harmful substances removed from your water is better than having to deal with them all.