A home provides comfort.  Comfort provided by familiarity.  Comfort provided by the warmth of shelter.  Within the comfort of a home, the shower is a cozy oasis.  A private environment ideal for the birthday suit.  A shower’s warmth and massaging waters wake up any exhausted body and cleans the filthiest of flesh. 


The shower in your house has the potential to become an escape to paradise every morning, day, and night.  An excellent showerhead is a gift to your body, skin, and hair. 

A quality showerhead will provide many advantages to the user.  Modern showerheads are designed to conserve water, massage the body while it cleans, and filter out chlorine and water impurities. 

The average showerhead uses approximately 2.5 gallons of water a minute (gpm).  A water conserving showerhead will typically use a maximum of 2.0 gpm.  The easiest way to know if a showerhead conserves water is to look for the EPA Watersense label.EPA Watersense Label  The EPA Watersense label includes requirements for performance because conserving is not always sacrificing functionality.  Conserving water will save you money because the shower will use less water which in turn requires less electricity to heat that water.  Showers account for roughly 30% of a home’s water use, so it’s worth considering. 

Pressure from the showerhead is key.  The problem is everyone has a slightly different preference.  How to decide?  Easy.  Get a showerhead with optional settings.  Changes include controlling the flow of water and the spray style.  Modern showerheads offer those options. 

Showerheads can be equipped with a water filter or filters can be added to existing showerheads.  The filter will remove chlorine from the water.  Water treatment plants use chlorine to sanitize the dirty water before its piped to your home.  Chlorine is a harmful chemical.  The steam of a shower opens up your pores and gives an open invitation for chlorine to enter your body’s largest organ, the skin.  A water filter will remove the rotten egg odor of sulfates from your water.  Sediments and water impurities will be reduced causing less tub scum and hard deposits.   The filter protects your health, leaves you feeling cleaner and reduces tub clean up.

Installing most showerheads requires a small investment of $20 - $100 and a pair of pliers.  If you are satisfied with your showerhead but need a filter, $15 - $50 can get you a quality showerhead water filter that fits the existing one.

Taking a steamy shower in the morning is one of the best feelings in the world and it will only get better by upgrading your showerhead.

Improve your quality of life by spending a few bucks and a few minutes of installation on a new showerhead.

Greatest place on earth!

Credit: turydddu @ Flickr