Are you looking for a way to reinvent the showers in your home? A new shower spa for your master bath is a great way to have the ultimate shower experience. Most people really love to take their nice long hot showers, and so do you. So, why not do something nice for yourself and indulge in a shower spa for your master bath today.

So what is so special about a shower spa anyway? Well, for some people a shower is just a means for getting clean, but others find the experience a way to unfold from a long hard day. There are even some people that try to take more than one shower a day because they enjoy the way it makes them feel. These are the people that you have to remind about water conservation. For these people, their showers are an integral part of their day and a shower spa is the perfect solution for them. A quality shower spa will provide many streams of water that will pulsate over your entire body. They usually feature an overhead shower canopy of some sort where a gentle flow of water can engulf you with pure bliss. Furthermore, a great shower spa will feature a handheld shower head that will allow you to get to any place on your body that needs extra attention. Here are a couple of shower spas made by Pulse.

Shower Spa: 1013 Kihei Shower System

This shower spa is a pre-plumbed Kihei Anodized Aluminum Shower System that can replace an existing shower arm and head, so there is no re-modeling expense. It can be installed in about 30 minutes. This 1013 Kihei Shower Spashower spa can transform any shower with it's sleek design, built in mirror, and glass shelf. It features a relaxing rain shower head that sends a cascading gentle stream of water over your entire body, as well as six invigorating two function multi-directional water jets, a multi-function hand held, and a tub spout. The shower spa panel offer many options such as a mirror for the men who like to shave in the shower, the hand held custom shower head that is perfect for the ladies to use while shaving their legs, and the glass shelf that holds the shower gel and shampoo. Getting this shower spa for your master bath will update your room and enhance your shower experience. After installing the 1013 Kihei, you just might catch yourself taking a couple of showers a day instead of one.

Shower Spa: 1016 Mojave Hand Hammered Copper Shower System

This shower spa is the granddaddy of them all. If you want your master bath to scream 1016 Mojave Shower Spaluxury, then this is the shower spa for you. This shower spa is an impressive elegant piece that adds a statement about your taste in refined luxury. The 1016 Mojave Hand Hammered Copper Shower System as well as the 1013 Kihei Shower System command a five star rating in customer satisfaction. This shower spa features an authentic hand hammered copper panel with all brass components which are in a oil rubbed bronze finish. This shower spa has a 6 inch rain shower head that is also constructed of brass as well as a hand held shower wand for versatility. It also has 4 dual head brass constructed body sprays with rub clean and anti-scald technology built in. It is a southwest inspired shower spa with a modern day expectation. This shower spa for your master bath will add to the value and beauty of your home.

When purchasing a shower spa you should research all options and styles available. This will enable you to pick out the very best shower system to suite your needs. Purchasing a unique shower spa will add value and bring beauty to your master bath. There are many models and styles to choose from to fit your décor. Enhance your shower experience today with a new shower spa that fits your budget.

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