You can trim 10 to 15 inches off your frame in one hour with a therapeutic, seaweed body wrap.

Body wraps detoxify your body, making it smoother, firmer and transforming the appearance in as little as one session.

Seaweed powder is mixed with water to form a paste.

The paste is applied all over the body, and then wrapped.

Some spas use heated thermal blankets, but for a home treatment, you can use a plastic sheet, or a plastic shower curtain, which will elevate your body heat to maximize the detoxifying effect.

The heat draws out toxins and impurities and the minerals in seaweed help extract trapped fat and fluid which are then shuttled out of the body by the lymph system. The compression of being wrapped helps to activate lymph flow. Activated lymph flow carries fat to the liver for disposal, but heat opens your pores, which allows waste to bypass the liver and be released through perspiration.

Seaweed is rich in iodine, which helps to regulate thyroid function. It is also rich in magnesium and omega -3 fats, which help fight inflammation that causes joint pain.

You can enjoy a body wrap at a spa or you can do it yourself in the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the cost. Just follow these simple steps.

Step 1

Set a relaxing mood in your bathroom with music and candles, or read a book to pass the time.

Step 2

Mix 1/4 cup powered seaweed (which is available at most health-food stores) with 1/4 cup of warm water to make a thick paste.

Step 3

Spread towels or a blanket in the bathtub to create a cushion to lie on. Place a plastic sheet or shower curtain over the blanket.

Step 4

Smooth the paste all over your body.

Lie down on the plastic and wrap it around your body like a cocoon.

Relax and let the mud dry for 30- 60 minutes.

Step 5

Unwrap yourself, remove blanket from bathtub.

Take a warm shower to rinse off the seaweed mixture.

Pat skin dry and apply your favorite moisturizer.

Enjoy a seaweed body wrap1-4 times a month to reveal firm, young looking, beautiful skin.