If you have ever tried to paint around window trim, or edge between the ceiling and the walls, then you know how tedious this can get.

I Always Have One of These on Hand for Painting

Shur-Line 500 Premium Paint Edger
Amazon Price: $3.79 $2.50 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 15, 2018)


Really convenient and easy to keep clean

has replaceable pads, rather than buy a new edger

does a wonderful job of edging even on rougher surfaces

much faster than painters tape

great on a extension pole, or in your hand

great around window frames and tops of baseboards.



If you get paint on the wheels, then you have to stop and clean them off.

Don't dip the pad, or you will get too much paint and risk getting it on the little wheels.  I prefer to brush it onto the pad so as to avoid the wheels.

Full Review

 Sure you can use painters tape, and get a straight edge. But the edge will only be as straight as the person laying the tape.

If you don't lay the tape straight, then you will still have a wobbly line. You also, know if you have a big room with lots of windows, what you are doing for that day! Painters tape can be a tedious job, and if you don't make sure it is on the wall tight, it can still bleed through.

This is when I found the Shur Line paint edger. This has to be one of the best items I have added to my supply bin. I have done a lot of painting, and would not even contemplate painting a room without it.

We had to paint an entire house over the winter, and there was no way I was using all that tape, so once I got a hold of this Shur line product I was hooked. The wheels move very smoothly, and you can get done so fast!

It is affordable and you can purchase refill pads for it. It is a simple plastic tool that has little wheels that run along the edge you don't want painted.

For example, at a ceiling edge. The edger would be flat on the ceiling and the little wheels would be running along the wall. This keeps a clean and neat edge, and fast! Looks professional.

By the time you have put up all your painters tape, you could have painted all the way around the room. They can screw onto a painters extension pole, and then you can manage high spots without climbing a ladder. I have used it countless times on an extension pole.

I keep mine clean and in good condition. I only paid approximate $4.00 for this in Home Depot, but I have tried many other edging tools, but this one has been the best so far.

Here is a good hint if you use an edger. I like to fill the pad with a brush. I just paint on some evenly onto the pad, rather than dipping it into the tray, as you risk getting it on the wheels.

Then as you are coming up to the edge you are working on, place the pad right onto the wall just below your edge, so as to get rid of any excess.

Shur-Line 500 Premium Paint Edger
Amazon Price: $3.79 $2.50 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 15, 2018)

In Closing

once you have used on of these Shur line paint edgers you will never go back to tape!