Sound Isolating In-ear Design

Shure e2c sound isolating earphones are so well-made that they can be fit into your ears securely so that you will be able to hear what your mp3 player is playing instead of any sound in the background. The earpiece provides you with an ultra quiet environment for you to listen to your favorite songs no matter where you are.

Shure E2c Sound Isolating Earphones Review 2Light and Small

The sound isolating earphones weigh only 1.1 pounds and are made to be tiny in size so you will hardly have the feeling of having foreign objects in your ears. Due to their small size, you can also carry them around without having to spare a space in your bag. You can always place Shure e2c sound isolating earphones in your pocket.

Flex Sleeves and Ultra-Soft Flex Sleeves

To ensure a personalized experience for you, the earpiece is specially matched with three pairs of flex sleeves and three pairs of ultra-soft so that the sound isolating earphones can fit into your ears very well regardless of the size of your ears. And the additional accessories of the ultra-soft flex sleeves offer you the way to an even more comfortable enjoyment of music.

Foam Sleeves to hold the Earphones in Place

The foam sleeves provide elasticity for the accessories to fit inside your ear canals. When you place the pair of Shure e2c sound isolating earphones inside yours ears, the foam naturally compress themselves to find themselves ways to securely stay in your ear canals, then the foam expands to form a tight seal to hold the earpiece firmly in place. So this technology frees you from worrying the audio equipment may fall off.

No Batteries Needed for Sound IsolationShure E2c Sound Isolating Earphones Review

As the in-ear design and the foam sleeves allow the audio gear to block out background noise easily, there would not be a need for you to consume batteries for the sound canceling earphones to work. As a result, the pair of sound isolating earphones is a green-wise as well as a money-wise choice for you.

Cord around Ears

The design of the Shure e2c sound isolating earphones adopts the style of putting the cord of the earpiece around your ears so you will be free from the hassle of handling with dangling cord. Instead, you will be able to read books or magazines without the disturbance from the cord when you are listening to music.

Warranty Scheme

Shure provides wrranty schemes for many of its users. If your pair of Shure e2c cannot function properly a year later, you may send it to the company. If you are in luck, you may get a new pair back!

Shure e2c sound isolating earphones are definitely a good choice for all music lovers on the go.