Light in weight and comfortable to wear

Shure e3c sound isolating earphones weigh less than 1 ounce which will make you feel like wearing nothing on. Without headbands, there will be no pressure on your head so you will not suffer from headache later even you sleep with your earphones on. And the isolating earphones will stay in your ears just like nothing is there.

Sound isolationShure E3c Sound Isolating Earphones for better music experience

The pair of isolating earphones are specially designed and produced to ensure a quiet channel for you to listen to music.

Fitting package for all kinds of ears

Along with the fitting package that comes with the Shure e3c sound isolating earphones, you will find the right compatibility for your ears so you can listen to real music.

Simple and compact design

The design of the earphones is simple and compact which lets you match with many of your outfits and makes the Shure e3c sound isolating earphones easy to carry and store.

Unbeatable price for the quality

Though the price is not low, it is value for the money. The price of this pair of earphonShure E3c Sound Isolating Earphones Reviewes offers the quality you deserve.

Raw music

You may have heard your favorite song for a hundred of times but with a pair of Shure e3c sound isolating earphones, you will be able to listen to the way the music should really be.

No batteries needed for the sound isolation function

Unlike many other similar sound canceling earphones, you do not need any batteries to let the earphones perform their sound isolation function so it means they can be operated in an economical way.

Use the earphones the regular way

Instead of looping your pair of Shure e3c sound isolating earphones around your ears, it is suggested that you use it the ordinary way as you'll feel more comfortable and the earphones are more likely to stay in place.

Sound is isolated but not blocked

Sound is not completely blocked so you will still be able to hear some environmental sound. If you need to use it during transportation time for you to take a nap, you may need to opt for a pair of higher-priced earphones.

Cord can be better

Though the earphones are good in many ways, they can be better made if the cord is designed in a better way.

With some plus sides and minus sides, Shure e3c sound isolating earphones are still a very good choice for daily use.