- Great solid story. - Great acting.


- Wish all movies were like this.

Full Review

The advertisement looked good. It's been a long while since I watched a movie out of whim. I didn't really know the story until I looked up the synopsis on the movie. Now, there is no way to beat around the point. Shutter Island was worth every penny and an absolutely solid movie. The whole thing felt like a magnificent puzzle in the end.

But where to start?
Well for one, though I was not completely sold on the movie because of the actor, I got out of the theater and spent an hour or so absolutely loving the movie. You see, I was never a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio for some annoyed reason. I tried for a decade over the craze to see past something I liked about him and force myself in a movie. But I could never do it. I'm not saying my change of opinion is pure proof. But to enjoy a movie and get past an actor - gives some credibility to the quality of the movie.
There's very little to say on the actual plot and its climax to be pointed out because of the design of the movie. It was impressive throughout the twists on the plot. And though the beginning dragged a bit with the dialogue, in the end it was worth paying attention to it. Actually as I walked out the theater, I kept going aha! when my friends and I discussed things back and forth that tied back to the very beginning.
The actors, too, were well matched. No one made me feel uncomfortable with their talent. I didn't find myself thinking, hmm.. well so and so would have been actually better. Or hmm, no I don't think he sold it for me. The actors- they delivered and satisfied.

It's been such a while to watch a movie that played a decent amount of ads- not bombarding and threatening its consumers with a promise of entertainment. The clips that were played on ads were far from the highlights but simply a taste. The actors fit like a glove. The story was solid with a beautiful and well deserved twist. The end carried a familiar morality. I do not believe that there was anything wrong with the whole thing except that maybe I will have further higher standards to Leonardo DiCaprio and movies over all that I will watch out of spontaneity. Ridiculously well done.

In Closing

I hope that a lot more movies are made with this standard. From the beginning on the ad attempts and all the way to the very second of the end of the movie.