Annual Surfing Event, SiargaoCredit: Northern Mindanao lies an island that has a big reputation.  It is viewed as one of the top surfing locations in the world-Siargao.  Both locals and foreigners alike have come to this surfing spot to experience for themselves the waves that have made many a surfer make Siargao their home.

What was once only a weekend hobby has become a lifetime passion.  In fact, many Australian and American surfers have made this island their home.  It is not hard to see why.  The island of Siargao has a unique beauty. It has not been commercially exploited and has no pollution, which makes the air a lot easier to breathe and life a lot easier. It's no surprise that many who visit this island often find it very hard to leave.

Since the 1990s, many surfers have come to Siargao; they consider it to be the place to go to do some real surfing.  One of the top places that draws a lot of surfers here is the Cloud Nine Surf Break, it is considered to be a major surfing venue.

 Annually, a major surfing event is held, it is known locally as the Siargao Cup Surfing Competition, which is usually held around late September or early October.  Though Siargao is a top surfing spot, it does not guarantee stable year-round surfing waves.  This is why it has generally recommended that from April to October are the best times of the year to come here.  The best time of the season to surf in Siargao is during the northern monsoon, when the waves are strong and stable.

 Siargao is not just for surfers, it's for non-surfers, too.  They can enjoy the beauty of the island as well.  They can derive joy from just watching the surfers surf, or if they choose, they can learn to surf themselves as well.  There are many surfing camps here that will be more than happy to teach them if they are willing to learn.   Incidently, the vast majority of surfing instructors here are Australians who just fell in love with the island, now they are permanent residents.  The prices surfing instructors offers here are reasonable.

Tourists can also just admire the scenery, and there are tourists here that will give them a tour of the entire island.

The nightlife here is pretty good, too.  it is not as exciting as it is on the other islands, but there are good restaurants that offers food and drinks at reasonable prices,  most of the restaurants here features Filipino cuisine.

Siargao-Make it part of your future vacation plans.

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