Siberian cat breeders specialize in a very special kind of cat. Introduced to the Western world in the 21st century, these cats have stolen the hearts of cat lovers all across the world. Find out more about these unique cats and those who raise them.

Having evolved in and around Russia, this cat is known for its thick coat and grey or brown coloring. They are one of the strongest cat breeds as well, and it shows in how outgoing and confident they tend to be. They can weight as much as twenty pounds, and grow to the size of a small dog. Their sturdiness though is also balanced by how loving and loyal they can be.

The size of Siberian cats allows them to jump high and move around quickly. Also, with their triple layer coat they are nearly water-resistant, and unlike many other breeds they exhibit great curiosity around water. One thing is for sure - with your Siberian cat it will always be play time!

Siberian Cat

Siberian Cats for Sale

The breed is known for the longer than normal length of time that it is eligible for breeding. It starts at a younger than average age and continue up to nine or ten years old. Despite the long fertility cycles, Siberian cats are still scarce and have become one of the rarest breeds available in North America.

One reason Siberian cat breeders have been doing well is due to the alleged "hypoallergenic" quality that Siberian's have that does not cause the typical allergic reaction that some people suffer around cats. It is claimed that the Fel d-1 protein that is normally believed to cause these reactions is found in lower levels than other cat varieties.

Siberian Cat Rescue

If you are lucky enough to find one in a store or Animal Welfare hospital, then you should consider a Siberian cat rescue as a viable option for becoming a cat owner. Many people result to importing a cat from other places in Europe and resort to other great lengths to own one, so if you ge the chance to adopt a Siberian cat it would be a lot more affordable.

Siberian cat breeders have done a great service to the bloodline over the past century, even raising cats that earned International grand championships for their breed. For an investment of a couple thousand dollars, you can find a high quality cat to start breeding Siberian cats yourself to cash in on the popularity of these majestic creatures.