Siberian Forest Cats are originally from Russia. They are domesticated and built for cold weather. There is evidence of them being in Russia for at least several centuries and are considered one of the few ancient cat breeds. It may even be the ancestor of all long-haired cats. It is very similar to the Norwegian Forest Cat. Even though it has been popular in Siberia for centuries, it did not first appear in the United States until around 1990. 

Siberian cats are very sweet pets and actually behave much like a dog. They are friendly, they get along well with other animals as well as children and strangers. They are also very energetic and smart. Additionally, they are very talkative and make lots of different sounds!

Siberian Forest Cats are also great rodent hunters. In fact, they are so great, that in the 1940's, St. Petersburg, Russia had a bunch of the cats brought in to solve their rodent problem. 

Siberian cats have a unique triple fur, which keeps them very warm in the winter, making them very suitable for very cold climates. They love going outside and in the winter will play deep in the snow.  They have semi-long fur. Their coat is glossy and easy to care for, you should brush it about twice a week.These cats are agile and great jumpers. This has a lot to do with their strong build. They have broad foreheads and stockier builds than most cats. 

It is a common source of debate whether these cats are hypoallergenic or not. Though it has not been proven, many people with allergies have said that they have no problem living with a Siberian Cat. The reason people think that they are hypoallergenic is because they produce less Fel d1 than other breeds. Fel d1 is thought to cause cat allergies. It has been proven by researchers that these cats rpduce less Fel d1, it has not been proven whether Fel d1 causes allergies. Breeders continue to sell these cats as hypoallergenic. 

Siberian cats can have kittens earlier than most cats, at five months of age. Each litter has about five or six kittens, though it can range from one to nine. 

Siberian Forest cats are a very large breed. Males can weigh anywhere from 17 to 26 pounds and females from 13 to 17 pounds. That means even the smallest Siberian will be larger than many other cats. 


Siberian Forest Cat