Siberpoo Info & Guide

Siberpoos are very affectionate and loving animals. They are what we call designer dogs, or hybrid dogs, meaning that they're a cross between two different breeds of dogs.

What is a Siberpoo?

A Siberpoo is a cross between a Siberian Husky and a Poodle. Your Siberpoo could be a product of two Siberpoos breeding, but more likely he or she will be the product of one Siberian Husky parent and one Poodle parent. This means that a Siberpoo is going to combine all the best traits of both breeds.

What Do I Need to Know About Hybrid Dogs?

A crossbred dog is likely to be healthier than a purebred animal, but there is a down-side. With a pure animal it's very easy to guess how big and heavy it will grow and what its personality will be like, with a crossbreed it is much more difficult. This is because a crossbreed will inherit different characteristics from each parent, and even litter mates can turn out quite differently. We can make some generalisations about crossbreeds though.

How Big Will My Siberpoo Puppy Grow?

How big your puppy will grow rather depends. Huskys are fairly large dogs, growing to between 17 and 21 inches at the shoulder and weighing in at between 30 and 60 pounds. Poodles are extremely varied in size and weight though. They can be anywhere from 10 inches to over 20 inches, and weigh between 25 and 65 pounds. How big your Siberpoo grows will depend on how big his Poodle parent was.

Generally, Siberpoos are medium to large sized dogs. They tend to have long legs, but their bodies aren't quite as stocky or muscled as a Husky's is.

What Will My Siberpoo's Coat Look Like?

A Siberian Husky has a long haired, thick coat, whilst a Poodle usually has a curly, long haired coat. Therefore a Siberpoo is generally also quite long haired, and its coat may look wavy, as opposed to a Husky's smooth fur or a Poodle's curly fur.

Are There Any Coat Concerns with a Siberpoo?

Siberpoo coats can require some maintenance. Depending on how long their coat is, you may need the services of a groomer to cut your dog. Their fur is also quite prone to tangling, so it will need to be brushed daily and shampooed occasionally. Siberpoos don't usually shed as much as Huskys do, but they will still shed a little on the furniture.

What Will My Siberpoo's Personality Be Like?

A Siberian Husky is friendly, easy to train, loyal and loving. A Poodle is very affectionate, intelligent and also very trainable, though they can be slightly high strung and nervous. Your Siberpoo will probably be a loving animal that enjoys training and learning tricks, and he or she will be great with children.

How Much Exercise Does a Siberpoo Need?

Huskys are working dogs that need plenty of exercise, whilst Poodles don't need quite as much. It's fair to say that your Siberpoo will need moderate exercise, at least one long walk a day, and a garden or park to run in would be perfect.

Do Siberpoos Have Any Specific Health Concerns?

Siberian Huskys are very healthy dogs, though they may sometimes have hip or eye problems. Poodles commonly suffer from kidney problems. As a crossbreed a Siberpoo is going to be healthier and more robust than a purebreed, but he may inherit some of the above problems from a parent. There are no other associated specific concerns for Siberpoos.

Is a Siberpoo Right for Me?

Siberpoos are usually wonderful family pets, since they're so affectionate and generally love children. They're also sociable and enjoy being around other animals, so being a second dog shouldn't bother them too much. They are quite active, however, so they do best in homes with gardens, or at least with an owner that's willing to take them out for regular runs in the park.

The best way to know if a Siberpoo is good for you is to visit one. If you don't know someone that owns one, you can always try calling local breeders to see if you can visit some of their dogs. Siberpoo forums online are another valuable way to get information about the breed from people who have plenty of experience.