Web design is all about creating the highest quality site. In a marketing sense, it’s about creating a high quality website than can manage to display the message appropriately and get an individual to be a paying or interested customer. Depending on whatever your goal is with a specific website, there are website templates available.

Making a website or any quality is a manageable task, but not one you can learn how to do in an hour. Every website you see was made up of code, computer language. It was a combination of letters, numbers, and text that displayed the website the way it is. For example, there is a combination of letters and numbers that make a webpage blue, as opposed to black- or give it three columns instead of two. Even displayed banner ads are a collection of code that likely looks like a total mess but when “read” by the source viewer, it appears just as you thought.

The Language of the Web

There are different “languages” one can use, such as Javascript or html, or CSS. Without going into grave detail, these languages all have different strengths and ways to create something appear as it does. Html is more specific to text and colors, whereas Javascript is more for videos. The general idea is that an individual uses these computer languages to create visual displays- like a website.

A website template is a collection of code, created by someone, that displays a possible website. A website template usually lacks text (as that changes by the individual) but it will likely contain a basic structure, color scheme, as well as a way to add any video or banner ad as appropriate.

Purchase a Website Framework

Many people purchase website templates for others, and then “plug” in their own customized items. This way they can have a website designed without actually going through the necessary aspect of learning the language. This is like someone writing a book for you, and you go and change all the names of the characters and places. You have a new story, but the framework is already there.

Website templates can be very expensive, or they can be free. When MySpace was popular, many people went to the web and took code templates (available for free but with ads) and copied them into their MySpace profile. The code then created a visual such as an interesting background or flashing colors. But more advanced code, such as developing a shop or allowing viewers to upload something to a website, is far more advanced.

Consider Email Marketing

Web templates have become increasinly popular as email marketing has become less popular.  In essence, website and email marketing are both going strong, and if web templates are not itneresting, there may be value found in going the way of email.

Sick of Code

Many templates exist on the web, which you can obtain and use for your own website. But the nicest and most successful sites are very specific in their approach, and were likely created with all new code, and not from templates. But you can use a template to do one thing, such as video, and change everything else. Just keep in mind, that the more in-depth and high quality your website, the more coding necessary to get the website just as you want it. Website templates are good for a framework, but beyond that, they are too defined to allow an individual much in the way of customization.