If you are looking for an alternative to standard rifles than you may have come across Sickle Rifles.  Unfortunately, there have not been many instructors who have taken the risk to change their group to Sickle Rifles from their current equipement.

Sickle Rifles feature a curved, sleep appearance which hope to give a fresh and unique look to your group with they perform.  There have been some controversy with DCI and WGI whether Sickle Rifles would could towards equipment time during performances, even if they are used as subside for a standard rifle.

Though it is not wise to train your group with Sickle Rifles they are weighted similar to standard rifles but are more difficult to handle.  Luckily, there are many options if you choose to purchase Sickle Rifles.

You can choose from 36” rifles or 39” rifles.  If you group is composed of smaller or younger members (especially women) it is more helpful to stick with 36” rifles.  But if you are working with an older group or have more male members, you can try the 39” rifles.  Remember it will take them a few weeks or months to adjust to the extra length.

Sickle rifles also come with black web strap, leather strap, or no strap.  Most groups will stick with black web or leather strap.  Most suppliers only charge an extra dollar for the leather strap which is well worth the upgrade.

A great thing about Sickle Rifles is how affordable they are.  Some my suspect the low cost is due to the limited demand it would be a great options for groups who are trying to save money.  Starting at just over $20, it is a great alternative to stand rifles.

If you group does decide on Sickle Rifles, instructors should allow an adjustment period to the new design.  Start with right and left handed spins so your members will get a feel of the rifle before they leave their hands.

Then start with basic tosses and move up as your group feels more comfortable.  Soon, you group will be spinning just like they did with stand rifles and moving on to those difficult parallel tosses.

Every color guard group is trying to save money.  Sickle Rifles could be the alternative your group is looking for!  They are a great way to afford weapons without spending all your budgets.   Available at most major suppliers you can even get a group discount!