The Siddhi VinayakTemple at Siddhatek is one of the renowned Ashta Vinayaka Temples in Maharashtra and is situated off the Pune-Solapur highway at a distance of about 200 km east of Pune. According to the Legend it is believed that it was on the SiddhtekMountain that Lord Vishnu invoked Lord Ganesha during his battle with the demons Madhu and Kaitabha and acquired Siddhi from him. This is also said to be the place where Sage Bhrushandi and Vyas had performed penances and attained Siddhi. This GaneshTemple is on hill top facing north and built by the Peshwas. This temple is located on the banks of BhimaRiver in a remote little village called Siddhatek in Karjat Taluka in Ahmadnagar District. The greenery and beauty of this area does not go unnoticed to anyone visiting this place. Siddhi Vinayaka Temple of Siddhatek is the second Temple to be visited during the Ashta Vinayak Mandir Yatra.

The three feet tall swayambhu (self originated) idol of Shree Siddhi Vinayaka facing north with his trunk turned towards the right is placed in brass frame. Lord Ganesh is in a sitting posture with his wives Buddhi and Siddhi sitting on his lap. On both sides of Vinayaka brass idols of Jay and Vijay are placed. The temple also houses the idols of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. One circumnavigation or pradakshana of the Ganesh idol requires one to travel around 5 kilometers as the Siddhi Vinayaka Idol is attached to the hill itself. The doors of this Temple are opened at around 4 AM for Darshan. This Temple sees huge crowds during the annual Temple festivals of Ganesh Jayanti, Vijayadashami and Somvati Amavasya etc.

One can reach Siddhi VinayakTemple either by bus or by train. By rail one need to get down Daund or Boibel and from these stations you can take the bus to reach the temple. Buses are available from Pune and Daund to a village called Shirapur which is a kilometer away from Siddhatek. From there one can travel by Boat to reach the Temple.
Lodging and boarding arrangements are available near the Temple at less than Rs 100 per day. In monsoon transportation is quite difficult due to bad roads.