Side dishes for lobster. If you are wondering what to serve with lobster at your next dinner, then check out these ideas:

If you love to serve lobster for a special meal, then you know that it is the star of the show, and any side dishes you come up with should not take away from that stardom! Make sure you have good picking tools for your guests to eat their lobster, and that you have big enough plates for your main event.

Also make sure to have your melted butter pots, and lots of napkins.. actually wet wipes were work well here or bibs! depending on the type of guest you have for this special dinner.  You can get cute butter pots that stay melted.

The simpler the better when it comes to lobster as the main dish. You don't want to be spending hours on the sides, but you still want something to compliment your special dinner, and not overfill your guests. butter pots for lobsterCredit: amazon.com


Butter Pots - A Must Have for a Lobster Meal

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These little butter pots are the perfect accessory for your lobster meal. The little tealights keep the butter melted and just the right temperature.

1. Try boiling little new potatoes, and using melted butter and seasonings on them just before serving along with a basic green salad. This makes a great combination of colors on your plate. You can also use those little red potatoes. Just give them a good scrub and boil until tender. Drain, and then in the same pot put in your butter and seasonings to coat the potatoes before serving.

For your basic green salad, you could use those green mixes of different colored leaves and some spring green onions and balsamic dressing. Or use romaine lettuce with cubed cucumber, green peppers and spring onions. Keeping it green accents your red lobster well. Have some dressing on the side. Such as balsamic, or oil and vinegar, you don't want anything to heavy for your green salad dressing.

2. Corn on the cob makes a great side dish for lobster. Break the cobs in half, and boil until tender but still crisp. This way they don't take up much room on the plate. We don't want to upstage the lobster. Add to this a crusty roll, either cold or warmed up with a dish of herbed butter on the table.

A great way to get buttery corn on the cob, is to fill a mason jar with very hot water (from the kettle) and put in a couple of tablespoons of butter. The butter will melt and rise to the top. You will have a layer of melted butter sitting on top of the water. You then dip your corn on the cob into the mason jar, right down into the water part, and when you are removing the cob, (lifting it up out of the jar) a film of butter will stick to the cob. This totally coats the cob. This is great if you must have butter on your cob! This save the mess of blobs of butter on your plate, or heaven forbid, the "rollers". The "rollers" are those people that take their corn on the cob and roll it in your container of butter, leaving little corn strings in your butter dish and a big divot! The mason jar works well for this.

3. A traditional baked potato works well as a side dish for lobster. Make sure and have herbed butter and seasonings available. You can even buy pre-cooked baked potatoes already wrapped in foil, if time is an issue. Just supply some fixings in little bowls for these baked potatoes, as many of them are plain.


Don't Forget to Use a Good Lobster Pot

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Good Seafood Tools Also Help

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If you have the time, here is a great baked potato recipe:

Scrub a good size potato, and slice it, without going right through. Have a few slices on each potato, it is up to you. Now gently spread the sliced areas apart, without breaking the potato, and place a thinly sliced sliver onion, thinly sliced sliver of cheddar cheese, salt, pepper or some garlic salt, and a dab of butter in between the sliced areas of your potato. Wrap them well in heavy foil and bake in the oven until tender or on the barbeque.

These baked potatoes make great side dishes for lobster, and you can either leave the foil on and let your guest remove it, or take it off ahead of time. Personally I like to leave the foil on, it keeps the heat in, until ready to eat. As many of my guests, tend to attack the lobster first. The onion and melted cheese and butter really add to this baked potato. There are really no need for extra fixings for this side dish.

Serve a few sliced tomatoes with this and you are set.

4. You can also have a great cold lobster dish, this is good especially for lunch or in the hot weather. Therefore the side dishes for lobster should be cold as well.

Try a cucumber salad. (this is my favorite) Simply slice or cube some cucumber, and mix with sliced or cubed tomatoes and drizzle with some flavored oil and vinegar dressings, and serve with a crusty roll. This makes for a nice colorful lunch to serve your guests.

In this case, you can also purchase fresh fully cooked lobsters that are already halved, that are great for a lunch size meal.

Lobsters make great main courses, and many guests just find the side dishes something to dig into after they have finished the main event. So, don't go overboard on side dishes. Keeping them simple is the best way. But make them a complimentary color to your lobster dish. 

Also check out Lobster Recipes - 3 Ways to Cook Leftover Lobster for more idea if you have any left over from your amazing dinner!

Here is an anatomy lesson on lobsters:

They have shiny, greenish-black shells with a light orange trim. On the front part of their heads, they have a pair of antennae and two eyes on the ends of what look like stalks. They have five pairs of legs, with the front two having big claws.

Before they are cooked, they are a very dark color, it only gets that red color when it is cooked.

So, when deciding what side dishes for lobster, or what to serve with lobster, keep in mind, that your guests whole attention is most likely on the lobster, you don't need to fill their plates with too much potatoes or extras. Just enough for a nice colorful looking plate, and not to upstage your main event, which is the lobster!