Are you looking to lose weight? Do you find that most diets are very difficult? Unfortunately there are many people who try to lose weight but failed due to lack of knowledge, the difficulty of the regime they are trying to undertake, or because they particular diet sets unrealistic targets. There are many different cleansing diets that are available on the market for you to try. These diets are normally very simple to follow and do not take much time.

The lemonade cleanse diet is more renowned as the Master Cleanse Diet or the Beyonce Lemonade Diet. Much like its name suggests, the diet consists of strictly drinking lemon juice mixed with natural maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Even the amount and type of ingredients are specified for individuals wanting to follow the program. As a lemon detox diet, it is meant to help the body eliminate the various toxins that have accumulated in the body over the years. Toxins can be derived from the environment, the food and even the natural processes in the body. As a side effect, people tend to lose weight when following the program. This has actually lead more people to believe and associate the diet to losing weight rather than for purging toxins.

With following the diet, the individual is deprived of foods and liquids other than water, the lemon juice mixture and a laxative tea. This makes it appear to be more of a fast rather than diet program. In the process, a number of side effects can be experienced when following the program.

The first few days are considered to be the most difficult when following the lemon diet. This is because the body and mind are accustomed to eating. As such, it is common to for individuals to start craving for food within days of starting the program. Lemons are considered as an effective appetite suppressor, but the process of detoxifying often leaves the body craving for any and all sorts of foods.

Fatigue is another common symptom experienced by those who undergo the lemonade program. As the body is cleansing itself of toxins, most of the energy is diverted into healing, making any physical activity more difficult to accomplish.

Some individuals also display signs of being irritable. This has been associated with the feeling of wanting to bite or chew solid foods. Boredom is one cause for this feeling. One suggestion is to keep oneself busy from thinking about foods.

Besides feeling tired, a small percentage of individuals also report to feeling some form of physical pain such as headaches or feeling nauseous. This is linked with individuals with high levels of toxins in their body which will dissipate within two days.

With eliminating toxins, they tend to produce acidic waste, resulting in a hot feeling when defecating. Although rare, it is a symptom of extreme levels of toxins, confirming the purging of such wastes from the body.