The Dangers of HCG - Exposed

if you search the internet for the "dangers of HCG" or "side effects of HCG", it is really hard to find accurate information.  A lot of the sites have quotes like "the only side effect of HCG is losing weight"


I'll be honest.  I didn't really know anything about HCG until a relative recently mentioned it.  I've done some research, and I am really appalled at what I have found.   Let's take a quick look at what HCG claims to be and then get to its side effects.

What The HCG Diet Purports to Do

The HCG diet focuses on a super-low calorie diet.  We're talking about 800-500 calories here.  However, the human body will need at least 1200 calories to sustain its daily functions.  So when you are eating too few calories, your body will pull the energy it needs from other sources such as your muscle and fat stores.

The idea with HCG is that HCG will trick the body into thinking it is pregnant and help it only burn fat while sparing the muscle.  

A fact which is debatable. 

Despite What You Hear, The HCG Diet Isn't Natural

HCG, or  Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone vital to pregnancy and maintaining appropriate progesterone levels throughout the pregnancy.

Just like testosterone which is found normally in the body, HCG is not designed to be injected to create artificial levels of  the hormone.  This product has not been tested extensively, but we can assume that our bodies are not designed to handle sustained amounts of elevated HCG -- the same way it is not able to handle anabolic steroids without negative results.

Additionally, the low-calorie diet it encourages does not provide the nutrition the body needs and will create a lot of the same symptoms as an anorexic suffers, including damage to the gall bladder and kidneys. It also established unhealthy eating habits and can lead to anorexia nervosa.

Plus, despite its claims to protect your muscles from cannibalism, HCG cannot protect your muscles from your body's energy needs and the HCG dieter will also suffer the side effect of lost muscle, making an active lifestyle more challenging.

Hair Loss With HCG 

As with the destruction of muscle, the reduce calorie HCG diet does not have enough nutrition in it to support the needs of your skin and nails Even if you amp up your multivitamin uptake,you can expect to experience hair loss.  

Some websites state that 10 out of 11 HCG users will suffer hair loss.

Side Effects From The HCG Itself

Most of the problems and dangers with the HCG diet stem from its use of very low calorie diet.

However, the drug itself can actually cause birth defects in pregnant women.  It also may cause something called ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, a painful condition where the ovaries swell.  This condition has actually cause a few fatalities.

Don't Buy Fake HCG

Homeopathic HCG typically does not have these side effects -- because it actually contains no HCG. Websites that sell homeopathic HCG talk about how it contains the "essence" of the HCG molecule. 

In fact, on December 6, 2011, the FDA outlawed over the counter HCG products and is moving to remove those from the market. 

The side effects of HCG for women are just too dangerous. I really encourage you to not try HCG, but to stick with normal weight loss means such as calorie management and an active lifestyle.