There have been advancements in medicine to help cancer patients with treatments, because of side effects due to chemotherapy treatment. Chemotherapy is designed to attack cells that cause problems. There are many symptoms that arise, some are short term, others long term.

Chemotherapy is usually given in cycles depending on your condition and the chemotherapy medication. The cycles are dependent on what chemotherapy drug is being used. For instance taxol is given to the patient through an IV every twenty-one days, and then another medication would be given to prevent reactions to the drug. There is a rest period between treatment cycles, hoping to build up new cells.

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The most common side effects include:
  • Nausea and vomiting – Eat small meals until symptoms go away. Eat and drink slowly. Breathe deeply. Avoid perfumes or odors, deodorants anything that will make you sick as you are more sensitive. Try to relax, and not be stressed by listening to music.

  • Hair loss – Use mild shampoos, soft hair brush, cut hair shorter, wear a wig, protect head, or wear sunscreen.

  • Fatigue – Get plenty of rest and eat healthy. Get up slowly if you get dizzy.

  • increased chance of bruising and bleeding

  • Anemia – Fewer red blood cells cause anemia. Do everything you would for fatigue until you build your blood up again.

  • Infection- You are more susceptible to infection with lower immune system. Try to do everything you can to build your system up. Eat healthy, drink lots of fluids, and get rest. If problems arise call your doctor.

It doesn't matter what kind of cancer you're being treated for, if you're going through cancer treatment, you're going to have side effects at some time. What kind of chemotherapy drug your doctor has you on also makes a difference, because they will have different symptoms. The severity of chemotherapy symptoms is all in the individual. The doctor can also prescribe medication for help in alleviating side effects.

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Side effects are part of cancer treatment, and can affect the dosage of chemotherapy medication given by doctors. Giving prescribed dosages of a chemotherapy drug can give side effects. It's important also to receive dosages at the recommended time and schedule for cancer treatment for effectiveness. Don't miss appointments for dosages, and stay in contact with your doctor.

Some ways of dealing with stress of Cancer treatments

  • Ignore what others say
  • Pay attention to your own reaction to chemotherapy drugs, and report to doctor.
  • There are other drugs to help with side effects of chemotherapy
  • Try to relax, and relieve stress. Concentrate on your well-being. Do activities that are relaxing.
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