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The safety and effectiveness of hair removal by laser is now generally accepted in the dermatology community. There are numerous positive reviews available on laser hair removal methods, safety and effectiveness. However if you are looking at laser hair removal method as a solution to unwanted hair woes, do note that there can be side effects.

Possible side effects of laser hair removal vary among people, some effects are temporary while others may be permanent. As with every medical treatment, there are potential risks involved.

Here are questions on side effects from permanent laser hair removal that most people are concerned about:

Will I have scarring?

There is no use in achieving hair-free skin only to get in exchange ugly scars on the skin. Thanks to advanced machines used in laser hair removal procedures these days, chances from scarring by laser is zero.

Will I get blind from the laser beams?

Our eyes are important and are vulnerable to the strong laser beams used in the laser permanent hair removal process. To avoid eye damage, wavelength-specific laser safety eyewear are provided to both patients and doctors to protect the eyes.

I have blonde hair, is laser hair removal suitable for me?

Permanent hair removal by laser is suitable for all hair color, except that light colors might take more sessions for hair to be significantly reduced. Laser works best with black and brown hair.

I've heard about hypo pigmentation. What is it?

Hypo pigmentation typically occurs in tanned skin types and as a result of multiple exposure to laser procedures. It is not permanent, and is actually rather rare.

Is permanent hair removal by laser treatment painful?

This is a question most asked by many. There will be discomfort during the process, but can be alleviated with a local anesthetic or other methods used by the clinic. I've even heard of doctors who use the age-old method of placing ice on the area first to numb it. Well, as long as the pain is reduced, anything goes. The pain may last a few days and may be accompanied with redness or blistering. These can be coped with medicine prescribe by the physician and applying aloe vera gel to ease the pain.