What are sideboards are they really required? This would be like asking, is a dining table required in the dining room? Sideboards actually complete the dining room furniture. Their main purpose is to store dishware, crockery, cutlery and other dining accessories. They are also useful as a food serving station.

A sideboard is slightly taller than the dining table and may have closed shelves made of either wood or glass. The flat top can be used as a platform to display a flower arrangement, knick knacks, serviette or napkin holders and place mats. A well appointed and polished sideboard can add aesthetic value to your dining area. It also makes serving easier as it is normally placed conveniently closer to dining area.

Sideboard as a part of dining room furniture actually dates back to Europe in the 18th century and in those days they were ornately designed with a lot of detail given to aesthetics. Besides, excellent quality wood was readily available then. In those early days furniture were usually made of wood. Teak was not easily available in Europe then and so the furniture was largely made of pine, oak, cedar or pine.

Sideboards made of teak are very popular all over the world, mainly because of the quality of the wood. Teak is highly resistant to termites, mildew and mould due to the high resinous oil content. This gives out an aroma, almost like leather, which repels insects but is very pleasing to the humans. Teak also is very durable and will not warp or splinter due to acute exposure to the elements and that is why it is also preferred for outdoor furniture. Remember in the early days teak was used in ship building. Teak weathers extremely well and gets better as it ages. It also does not require much maintenance.

If you plan to decorate your dining area in the traditional or colonial style, all the furniture in this area should be so designed, otherwise it would look out of place. It is not advisable to mix styles in the same area. However, if your house is large enough, you may mix the styles in different areas of the house.

You will find sideboards in the dining area of clubs, large villas and some restaurants that hold formal dinners. Even large and small apartments use them as part of the dining area furniture because of its convenience. When you invest in a teak sideboard for your house, it would be prudent to ask yourself if you have the required space for it and if your budget will permit such an acquisition. If it is really feasible for you, then go ahead and invest without a second thought, as you will never regret your decision. Teak furniture is so durable that it will outlive you and can be proudly handed down to the next generation. Remember that the value of teak does not diminish and can get a good resale value should you decide to dispose it off for any reason.