A Review of Sidi Cycling Shoes

Every keen cyclist eventually has the conversation with themselves. It goes something like this:

"Should I buy a pair of Sidi shoes?"

"Yeah, of course you should, look at all the pros wearing them."

"But they're three hundred dollars!"

Here are some good reasons to consider splashing out on Sidi shoes.



Sidi shoes are unashamedly pro gear, designed for people who spend all day in the saddle. You'd expect this to mean a no-compromises approach to performance over comfort, but in fact the opposite is true. Just as you often see pros riding heavy but comfortable saddles like the San Marco Rolls favoured by Tom Boonen, Sidi shoes are made first and foremost for comfort. That's not to say that they aren't lightweight - the top Ergo 2 and Genius 6.6 shoes will match just about anything in terms of weight.



Few other manufacturers offer as many fitting options in a non-custom shoe as Sidi. The whole range is available in half-sizes, from the smallest to the biggest size. Many models of Sidi shoes go all the way up to a Euro size 50 - a US size 16. The largest size from most other manufacturers is two sizes smaller. Sidi have the Mega range, offering much better fit for people with wide feet or high arches at no extra cost. On many of their shoes, Sidi also offer an adjustable heel-cup system, providing a more secure fit for riders with narrow heels. Sidi soles are marked with measured scales around the cleat fitting, allowing you to get perfect cleat placement.


As you'd hope them to be, Sidi shoes are extremely well made. The stitching and materials are all first-rate and you can expect years of service. The big advantage of Sidi shoes is the availability of replacement parts. The heel is usually the first part on a cycling shoe to wear out, but Sidi shoes offer an inexpensive replacement heel which simply bolts on like a cleat. Likewise, spares are available for all buckles and straps at reasonable cost, so a busted strap doesn't mean a new pair of shoes.



With pro riders like Robbie McEwan, Vincenzo Nibali and Oscar Freire wearing Sidi shoes, their performance is beyond question. If the pros can win classics and tours in them, you can be sure you'll tear up your sunday ride. Sidi road shoes all feature carbon-reinforced or full carbon soles for maximum stiffness.



We can't talk about Sidi shoes without mentioning style. They're pure bike bling. The top of the range Ergo 2 shoes are available in seven different colours in a very shiny "vernice finish". The more affordable Logo model unsuprisingly has an enormous Sidi logo running the length of the foot. Sidi shoes are the perfect complement to a carbon bike and pro kit.