Siding installation, maintenance and repairs are vital parts of keeping your home looking good. Not only will they surely give your home a beautiful exterior, they will also increase the value of your home. However, installation of new siding can be very expensive so you have to think of other options which will look good when installed in your home that are not hard on your pocket at the same time.

While other types of siding materials like vinyl, brick and aluminum are relatively expensive, you might want to consider fiber cement siding as an option. Fiber cement siding cost is significantly lower than other options, but also has the same durability. It resembles wood, but it is not actually a wooden siding. It is made of Portland cement, silica and wood fiber and offers several advantages which are you cannot find in typical wood sidings materials. In addition, fiber cement offers resistance to termites, moisture and fire and can also stand harsh weather conditions. It is very to install and requires low maintenance. Fiber cement is also durable which comes in with a minimum of 50 years warranty after installation. It is available in pre-made decorative shapes and color which will surely look great on your exterior after installation.

Siding InstallationSiding InstallInstalled Siding

Fiber cement siding installation is easy from start to finish. Cutting the labor cost in siding install expenses will help you save a lot of money vs your other option of hiring somebody to do the installation procedure (even thought you may need some help from a friend because fiber cement siding are heavy and requires proper handling).

The fiber cement siding cost per square foot ranges from $4.50 to $9 and the siding installation price will depend on the size of you exterior. Take, for example, a 1,250 exterior square foot home would require $5,600 to $11,500 for the installation - including the labor expenses. But, if you are going to do the installation, the cost will be much lower. Fiber cement Installation takes 2 to 3 days; however, it may take a week depending on the size of the exterior to be finished. After the installation, if your fiber cement siding is not in its pre – finished form, it should be sealed and finished to maintain its durability. Over all fiber cement siding is a great cost - effective siding option which will ensure durability and stability of your home after installation.

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