Siemens Digital Artis Hearing Aids

While you're searching for the right digital hearing aids, you might get puzzled by the options available on the market. Siemens is among the top rated hearing aid companies that truly wants to help people with hearing disorders with their exceptional products. A hearing expert could help you narrow the various solutions Siemens delivers.

You will usually hear the word 'occlusion' while searching for hearing aids. This means nearly anything that may obstruct the passage. Just like some other digital hearing aids that might make you feel as if you've a large cotton swab stuffed inside your ear, occlusion could cause you to feel that you already have a hearing disorder.

If you have ever gone under water and attempted to hear a person speaking to you who's still above water, you could realize what is occlusion. You should not be afraid of the big words and phrases used when speaking about hearing aids or hearing problems. The one who is helping you, has to be ready to simplify the terms and break them into easier explanations.

Siemens delivers hearing aids with digital noise control, speech improvement, unique feedback control, wind noise lowering, trial times, and ear-to-ear hearing aids. You will find four kinds of Artis aids alone---the BTE (behind the ear), the ITE (in the ear), the ITC (in the canal) and the CIC (completely in canal). These types can cost $1600 each.

A hearing aid isn't only to enable you to hear. It also has to watch, filter, receive, clarify and manage noise. For a long time, those who needed hearing aids in both ears experienced further difficulties. Siemens aids can alleviate that problem too. If your ears were affected as a result of an unsafe contact with noisy sounds frequently, problems for both ears will be usually the condition. A pair of hearing aids have to be capable of functioning well together instead of two individual units for the optimal effectiveness.

The ones Siemens creates are made to compliment each other and act as a team. The Artis e2e could be purchased for $1500. Even though, you have the control to make manual changes using this aid, they work in synchronization.

The Siemens Artis two Life will cost you $1100. Feedback is ceased before it takes place so there is no unpleasant squealing whistle to scare people near you. A higher frequency sound penetrating the air all of a sudden could keep a person on edge if it occurs often. The Artis 2 Life comes with a versatile directional microphone to help you get the most from the unit. It also includes wind screen and can be easily adjusted for phone usage. Battery life is one hundred twenty hours.

Siemens now offers Artis digital hearing aids as a complete shell, 1 / 2 shell, canal, mini canal, and CIC at cost ranges from $1350 to $1450. All could be purchased with the remote control option for $150.