The Sig Sauer Mosquito handgun is a perfect fit for anyone who enjoys plinking along and target shooting for fun. The Sig Sauer family has come to represent quality and near perfection and this new addition to the Sig Sauer line also lives up to that premise. The Sig Sauer is a dedicated piece of metal work that will provide hours of entertainment as well as a great source of protection in case you would ever come across a need for it. The Sig Sauer is built as a light weight gun that is perfect for target shooting because of the low recoil and the ability to shoot rapid shots in quick succession.

Sig Sauer Mosquito

The Sig Sauer has become the recognized world leader when it comes to quality and reliability. The new Sig Sauer Mosquito hand gun is no exception. The mosquito comes built on a poly carbonate frame which allows for a durable feel and a very reliable build. The Sig Sauer Mosquito also has a rail that will allow you to put many various attachments to the sight rail to enhance your hand gun experience.

The Sig Sauer comes standard with a laser sight that can be added to the sight rail. The rail on the pistol can even be fitted with a flashlight or a tactical sight if that is your desire. The Sig Sauer is not the most powerful weapon in the Sig Sauer arsenal, far from it, but it does allow you the fun of target shooting while providing a weapon that is not functional and reliable.

The Sig Sauer Mosquito could be used for protection if need be but it's best capacity come in the area of target shooting. The best use for the Sig Sauer Mosquito is to help introduce someone to pistol target shooting that has not previous shot or been around a range. This gun is perfect for that job because the gun is a low caliber and has low recoil. The gun is also relatively quiet which will not scare away bystanders before they even get up to the range to fire. This gun also comes equipped with a very good sight system that allows the user to aim the weapon very easily with a high mark of accuracy. Since the gun has a very low amount of recoil aiming and maintain accuracy are much easier.

This gun is a perfect first gun for the gun advocate in your family The Sig Sauer Mosquito is also perfect for any female shooters who wish to have a quality firearm without the heavy weight and heavy firepower of a more powerful pistol.