When shooting with a Sig Sauer pistol it is imperative that you have a proper place to shoot. The Sig Sauer handgun is a fantastic work of art and it does not deserve to be shot plunking metal cans in your back yard. You should take your Sig Sauer either to an indoor range, an outdoor range, or you could build a range of your own.

Sig Sauer Pistol Range (38240)

If you decide to go to an indoor range you will more than likely have to pay an hourly rate to use their facilities. This is standard for the industry and the hourly rate will also fluctuate between states and metropolitan areas. If you choose to use an indoor range for shooting your Sig Sauer you will want to remember to always stay safe and always wear ear protection and eye protection. Especially because you will be shooting your gun in closed quarters, your ear protection is incredibly important. Without adequate ear and eye protection you will likely experience injury that could prevent you from shooting your favorite hand gun in the future.

If you are unable to find an indoor range you could also choose to go shoot your hand gun at a local outdoor range. This type of range is generally used for shooting shotguns through skeet and trap and through shooting rifles. However, many outdoor ranges have a very nice set up to allow people to shoot their handguns on the range. This should not deter you and you should take your Sig Sauer handgun down to any outdoor range and request to use their facilities. This will allow you to get your gun out in the open and to test your skills against anyone else that is present at the range that day. Oh, and you will get to show off your new baby Sig Sauer to anyone who would like to see.

If you cannot find an indoor range and you simply will not go to an outdoor range then you should consider building your own range if this is practical. Building your own range is a great idea because it will allow you to customize the entire range to your exact specifications. This means that if you want to build multiple targets into your range you can, or if you want to install a shooting and standing platform you can. You could also make a range that has an uphill or downhill component and many others. The opportunities really are endless when considering installing your own Sig Sauer pistol range on your own property.