The Sig Sauer p226 handgun is an amazing invention from the Sig Sauer Company that can be used for both personal protection, home security, and target shooting. The gun is houses in an all metal boy which makes it extremely durable and able to withstand a rough beating in the hands of a professional. This gun is an exceptional fire arm that can also be used in a weapon capacity. If you feel the need to keep a firearm around your person at all time this weapon is the one you want to choose. The durability and accuracy of the Sig Sauer brand are unquestioned and there is simply no other brand of handgun that can rival the Sig Sauer. If you are truly looking for a hand gun that will perform to your highest standards and last long enough to be an heirloom to your children then this is the gun for you.

sig sauer p226 (38378)

The Sig Sauer p226 can also be used as a target shooting gun. If you are interested In target shooting at an indoor range or at an outdoor range then this is the perfect gun for you. In fact, you will even turn some heads when you get out your new Sig Sauer and start firing. People respect the Sig Sauer brand and they will most likely come to chat with you about their favorite Sig Sauer handgun. There is a close knit community of folks who own a Sig Sauer handgun and they are all intensely loyal to their favorite brand because they have grown to trust it over the years.

The Sig Sauer p226 comes in both a 9mm and a .40 caliber setting. Both of these ammo sizes will allow you to fire an extremely powerful pistol shot while also maintaining accuracy. If you are unable to handle such a strong and powerful gun you could always drop down to the Sig Sauer Mosquito which only fires a .22 caliber bullet. If you truly wish to upgrade your gun and work on the accuracy of your shot then you could purchase a silencer for your gun which will reduce the muzzle blast, muzzle noise and will greatly increase the accuracy and jolt of firing a shot. You can also purchase an optical upgrade that will give you a laser sight or even a flashlight that you can mount on the rail of your Sig Sauer. These accessories will guarantee that you enjoy your new firearm.