The Sig Sauer p238 is the newest addition to the Sig Sauer family. This compact pistol is the absolute standard when it comes to hand guns that are versatile, powerful, reliable, and quality. The Sig Sauer brand has come to reflect perfection and a pursuit of excellence, the Sig Sauer p238 uphold that same virtue.

Sig Sauer p238

This pistol carries with it the strength of a much larger caliber pistol. The gun itself only weighs in at 1 pound. The gun is approximately 5 inches by 7 inches long and easily fits in any concealed weapon holder. The pistol is perfect for someone who wishes to carry a concealed weapon, and it is also perfect for anyone who wishes to use the gun for target practice or for home protection. The Sig Sauer brand means that you will be purchasing a high quality fire arm that can stay in your family for generations to come. The Sig Sauer pistol is sure to be a favorite among you and your friends as you go to the range to shoot.

Once of the first things you will notice about the Sig Sauer p238 is that it is an all metal frame. This means that the gun weighs only one pound but it is also very strong and does not have any plastic or breakable parts. The gun is solid and will feel very solid as soon as you pick it up. The Sig Sauer p238 has a range of attachments that you can put on the gun as well. The Sig Sauer Company has an entire product line of products that can be added to the weapon from laser sights, extra ammo clips, and stock extenders. You could even add a silencer to your Sig Sauer is you are inclined to.

Many people believe that a pistol silencer is only for the Special Forces and Hollywood. In fact, a pistol silencer can greatly enhance your accuracy and speed of shooting. It will also reduce muzzle flash, and virtually eliminate muzzle noise when shooting. You can shoot a silenced gun within the confined space of an indoor range without ear protection.

The Sig Sauer p238 also comes with a warranty because the Sig Sauer Company wants to stand behind the weapons that they produce. You might pay a premium for this gun but it will not ever let you down and you will not regret the purchase of this fabulous firearm.