Shanghai, China

Shanghai is not brimming with sightseeing spots but it does not disappoint the curious traveler. Most of the tourist sites lie to the west of the Huangpu River and its colonial waterfront, the Bund. European architectural styles cluster along the Bund. However, the city's major landmark is on the east side, in Pudong – the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is the modern symbol of Shanghai City and stands at a height of 468 meters (1536 feet). Needless to say, it is the tallest TV tower in Asia. The best way to check out both banks of the Huangpu River and their sights is to take a splendid Huangpu River tour.

The other main sights lie about 1500m south of Nanjing Lu in the Old City, the longest continuously inhabited part of Shanghai, with the Yu yuan Garden, which is the largest of Shanghai's ancient gardens with Ming and Qing architectural styles. The garden has six areas, each with its own style and surrounded by bustling bazaars.

Shanghai, China does not have a cuisine to really call its own, but it modifies those of the surrounding provinces. Fish, eel, crab, and chicken are commonly "drunken" with alcohol and are typically steamed well. Facing the East China Sea, seafood in Shanghai is naturally very popular. The most prominent local delicacy is the Shanghainese hairy crab.

Visitors cannot leave Shanghai without savoring some of the delicacies that Shanghai is famous for. Popular Shanghainese food items include the xiaolongbao and the shengjian mantou, Shanghai fried noodles, a regional variant of chow mein made with Shanghai-style thick noodles, lime-and-ginger-flavored thousand-year eggs and tofu.

Shanghai, China experiences four distinct seasons, with spring and autumn being the best months to visit the city. The peak summer months in July and August can be excruciatingly hot with temperatures often reaching in excess of 35 degrees. Winters can often be cynically cold with nearly all evenings seeing temperatures fall below freezing point. Winters can be boring for tourists to Shanghai, as sightseeing spots may be too cold to go to and Shanghai is also not known for winter sports.

Shanghai is playing host to the World Expo 2010, which has been dubbed as the "major event of the decade"? Themed "Better City, Better Life", it is a remarkable celebration of international culture. Shanghai is full of energy and ever teeming with opportunities for business associates and travellers to take in the culture of this wonderful city. This contemporary metropolis with its rich history of ancient Chinese culture indeed has much to see and do. Visit Shanghai today!