Sigma lens review

Price and Quality
The Sigma 180mm macro lens is the counter part to Canon’s 180mm macro lens. The price of a new Sigma 180mm macro lens is about 800 dollars where as the Canon counterpart is about 1500. I have not used the Canon version but from what I have read the quality is basically un-noticeable. The price is approximately half and the quality is nearly the exact same.

The Sigma 180mm macro lens has the capability of capturing photographs at 1x magnification. This means on a full frame sensor you can expect to get something slightly larger than a quarter to fit entirely into the frame. For 1x magnification, you will be shooting from approximately 12 inches. This extra distance over other macro lenses makes it ideal for shooting insects that are jumpy and don’t like to be photographed. Then lens has a range of apertures from 3.5 to 32. Having an aperture of 32 is great when trying to get maximum depth of field on an insect or flower. On the other hand having a aperture of 3.5 allows you to have extreme control of what is in focus. The lens is a little heavy at 2.1 pounds. The length of the lens is 7.1 inches.

The Sigma 180mm macro lens has several advantages over the other macro lenses that are available. My second favorite macro lens the Canon MP-E 65mm 1x-5x lens has very shallow depth of field. The aperture has a maximum of 16. The Sigma 180mm macro lens has a more small aperture which gives greater depth of field. The Sigma 180mm macro lens also has a working distant over nearly 3 times that of the Canon MP-E 65mm 1x-5x lens. This means you can capture insects that do not like you being close to them. The Sigma lens is also capable of shooting to infinity. The Canon lens is unable to shoot anything other than 1x magnification to 5x magnification. Sigma’s macro lens may have a slightly lower quality difference according to some people while others say the Sigma lens may have ever better quality. The price of the Sigma is half the price of Canon’s same model.

My results
I bought my Canon MP-E 2 years ago. I spent the first year only using it. I bought the Sigma the next year. I have been especially pleased with the Sigma. These videos can show you what kind of quality you can expect on a full frame camera taking high definition video.

Sigma 180mm example video

Sigma 180mm macro lens example video of a frog