Why Sigmund Freud was an Entrepreneur

Sigmund Freud was an Australia Neurologist, he is most famous for his founded discipline of psychoanalysis. His most famous theories revolve around the unconscious mind and the mechanism of repression.

Psychoanalysis has been expanded, criticised and developed. Under the broad umbrella of Psychoanalysis there are at least 22 different theories revolving around human development. Some include unconscious drives and events that occur in early childhood.

An entrepreneurial person is defines of many characteristics and traits. These characteristics and traits are what drives them to fail and succeed. Sigmund Freud had many of these characteristics and used them to create and release to the world many theories that have shapes the field of Psychology today. Some of these characteristics are innovation, commitment and eventually followers.

The late 1800s marked the end of the Victorian age, an era of extreme puritanical boundaries. Personal matters were never discussed in polite society, professional theorists didn't exist and people with psychological problems were left nowhere to go. Patients were put into asylums and received outdated treatment. Treatments included lengthy periods of drug induced sleep, alternating between hot and cold baths. In 1886 Dr Sigmund Freud started treating patients with a simple, yet radical new therapy, he listened. Patients would lay on a couch, facing away and talked. This radical, highly criticised new therapy showed a great deal of innovation by Freud. Innovation is one of the most important characteristics of an entrepreneur. In order to create something to fill a gap in a market one must innovate.

Freud once said " Love and work are the cornerstones of our humanness". Freud was not only dedicated to his wife Martha Bernays, he was extremely dedicated to his work. Despite the mass amounts of criticism, Freud continued to work. The commitment tap root for the entrepreneur is the deep desire to live a life of significance.

Since the mid 1880s Freud gave lectures to a small group near the historical quarter of Vienna every Sunday. A small group of followers started to form and they began meeting in Freud's apartment on Wednesdays. The groups was known as Psychological Society and would discuss issues to do with Psychology and neuropathology. The group marked the beginnings of the worldwide psychoanalytic movement. Freud's followers were essential to his success as an entrepreneur and essential to anyone's success as an entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur isn't just money oriented they can create social enterprises or create values and beliefs. But all add value to a market, whether it is the music industry of the field of Psychology. Freud showed many of the characteristics involved in being an entrepreneur to create his success and add value to psychology.