Evony is one of the top browser internet games on the internet. Boasting that it is free forever Evony has ruled the internet for the past year claiming to have over 1 million players on its servers. Evony has also expanded its ever so popular game into Evony AgeI and Evony AgeII. Both are fantastic games for different types of players.

Things You Will Need

- Computer
- Internet (Works best with Chrome and Firefox)
- Email Address
- Flash on your Browser
- 5 minutes of free time

Step 1

Go to www.evony.com to begin your adventure into one of the most massive free internet browser games online.

Step 2

Since this is your first time signing up for Evony click the register button in the middle of the page.

Step 3

In order to select Evony AgeI or Evony AgeII you will need to register and give the required information in the designated fields. This is where you need a reliable email address.

Step 4

Confirm your email address and your registration to Evony by clicking the confirm email in your inbox. Now you can finally start having some fun.

Step 5

Once you log into your new Evony account by using your selected email address and password of your choice a window with a large list of servers will pop up. This is where you will decide in which server you will play and whether it will be in AgeI or AgeII. Whatever your choice may be, it is recommended to play the newer servers as they are where all the newer players are directed to so you will not be months behind other players.
Feel free to start playing Evony right away. Whether it is AgeI or AgeII there is lots of fun to be had and great people to be met.

Tips & Warnings

-Evony is extremely addictive and is based on real time. So even when you close the browser, things are still going on in Evony.
- The latest versions of Firefox and Chrome are recommended as well as an updated Flash Player.