Do you go to Blockbuster or Hollywood Video, or rent from Netflix when it's time to watch DVD movies? Paying a nice little price? I will tell you where you can watch DVDs and New Releases at least once a week or more by using the kiosks found in your neighborhood. Have you ever seen those red kiosks the size of refrigerators hanging out in grocery stores, drugstores, restaurants, convenience stores, fast food restaurants, malls, and etc? It's called RedBox. Get your movies for FREE! (Or pay $1.00 if you don't want it for free)

Red Box KioskFree! Go online to and sign up for those free movies. It's legit and easy to do. RedBox distributes these free promo codes weekly if you sign up for SMS or email messaging. Every Monday you get a free rental code which you can use for one night's free rental. Once you have signed up for your FREE PROMO CODE; take this code and go to the nearest RedBox kiosk and get your free movie rental.

The concept is a self service DVD renting kiosk, much like a soda vending machine. Put money in ($1.00 if you don't have a promo code), product comes out, only difference is that you must return the product when you are done with it. Not only that, but you can return it at ANY Redbox kiosk!!

How it works at the RedBox kiosk:

  • The system works by a touch screen monitor

  • Select the title you want,

  • Read brief description of the movie

  • Punch in a code (hit the Add Promo Code button),

  • Add to the shopping cart

  • Swipe your debit/credit card and take home your free rental
  • Agree to the terms of service

  • Grab your receipt; by entering your email address when you rent and Redbox will send you email receipts and return confirmations for all your rentals.

30 seconds later you have your movie

As long as you return it before 9pm the following day, you never pay for that movie. I do believe they put a $1 hold on your card for each rental, but that is of course returned to you very quickly. Consumers rent a DVD from the machine using their credit or debit cards, which enables Redbox to charge an additional day's rental if the DVD is not returned within a 24-hour period.

How to return your DVD:

  • The return process is just as painless as the buying processes.

  • Touch a button on the screen that says you are returning a movie,

  • Insert the movie into a slot on the side of the machine and you are done

Each promo code is good for one use per credit/debit card (you need to swipe it, you will be charged for each additional day you may have the movie out).

If you think this is great being able to watch a free movie once a week with this promo code, here's how you can get more than one at a time. Just use a different debit/credit card. However, now that I say that, this doesn't work for everyone for one reason or another.

By using a different debit/credit card, use the same promo code. You get more than one free rental off that code. Two cards = two new releases, one promo code. How simple is that?

Ok, if you're unable to use the same promo code with different cards, at least you can get a free rental once a week. Enjoy.