Significance of Baby's First Birthday

Time sure flies by when you have a baby. Just last year you were welcoming your baby into the world and in a few short weeks they will be turning one! You must definitely arrange for a party to mark the importance of celebrating this milestone in their lives. First of all you need to make the necessary arrangements like the guest lists, invitation cards and many more. Bear in mind that this is your baby's first birthday and it should have a lasting impact on the minds of the guests.

Arrangements for the birthday party needs to be done weeks in advance. Start by purchasing or creating 1st birthday photo invitations and making the guests list. Creating first birthday photo milestone are preferred by many parents since they get to make use of their favorite photo of the baby for the invites. The photo should be of your baby is their natural environments or recent photos clicked by you over the past year.

Plan of making the 1st birthday photo invitations are little appealing? Then why not go in for background themes. There are a number of online websites that offer different themes such as polka dots, bubbles, circles, stripes, flowers, butterflies and many more that will look attractive with your baby's first birthday photo invitations. The text for the invitations can be simple or you can even go in for jingles or rhymes depending on your creativity skills.

Themed parties make an appropriate choice for parents since you can easily make the necessary arrangements for your baby girl's first birthday party invitations. One year olds are too young to have favorite characters, books, cartoons, etc so you can choose the theme on their behalf. Select popular themes like Big bird from Sesame Street, Elmo, Donald Duck, Cinderella and others so that you can get the necessary supplies for planning the event.

Now for the decorations. Babies are attracted to colorful things, patterns or designs. So you might want to have a lot of colorful balloons, streamers and banners for the party. Ensure that the balloons are kept well out of the reach of children since popping balloons contain latex that can be harmful for babies. Use plenty of stickers of teddy bears, dolls, Disney characters to adorn the walls and floors of the party hall so that the older kids can have an exciting time.

Food and beverages can be simple since many of the babies are still in the nursing stage. You can order sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs or even create your own unique dishes. Lemonades can be served along with wines and other beverages for the adults. Cake can either be cupcakes or a full cake decorated or baked as per the theme.

If you thought games and activities might not be useful for first birthday parties, think again. Older kids would feel bored if there were no games. Simple games like Simon Says, Forming human trains or singing and dancing with nursery rhymes can ass life to the parties. Babies too love to sing and dance in their babyish ways and if you clap they too will imitate you.

The baby's first birthday party can be ended by gifting out party favors that include a lot of candies, coloring books, toys and other interesting items that they older kids would love. You might even be interested in adding a personalized photo of your baby along with a thank you note for the guests to take away as mementos of this special day.