One of the most popular ways of wearing Gemstones is as Birthstones based on the month in which one is born. The practice of wearing birthstones probably originated from ancient astrological traditions and based on the healing power of gemstones. Every month of the year are assigned birthstones which can be worn based on the month of birth. Since each birthstone has increased powers during its month. Some people even purchase a set of the entire twelve stones and wear them during the particular months for getting beneficial results. These stones can be worn based on the Modern or Traditional Birthstones List as per the liking of the individual.

People mostly wear the stones based on either the Modern Birthstone List approved by the American National Association of Jewelers of America or the Traditional Birthstone list containing the older birthstones and is sometimes combined with the modern birthstone list. These gemstones can be either precious or semi precious gemstones which are considered lucky for their particular months. Given below are list of Modern and Traditional birthstones.

Birthstones of January

The Modern and Traditional Gemstone for those born in the month of January is Garnet. The name garnet comes from the Latin name of pomegranate, granatum. This is an extremely beautiful stone and is said to bring successful friendships and popularity.

Birthstones of February

The Modern and traditional Gemstone for those born in the month of February is Amethyst. The name Amethyst comes from the the Greek word 'amethystos' which means 'not intoxicated'. It is a protective stone and used for calming emotions and reducing stress.

Birthstones of March

The Modern Birthstone for the month of March is Aquamarine. The name of this stone is derived from Latin words which mean sea and water. Aquamarine is reputed as the stone for love and bringing harmony in relationships. The Traditional Birthstone for March is Bloodstone which seem to have received its name because of the distinctive red spots resembling that of blood spots on the stone. This stone protects its wearer from deception and gives good health.

Birthstone of April

The Modern and Traditional gemstone for the month of April is Diamond. The name of this stone is derived from the Greek word 'adamas' which means 'hardest stone'. Diamond is referred to as the 'King of Gems' and is said to lead toward love and devotion in relationships and increase passion and sexual desires.

Birthstone of May

The Modern and Traditional Gemstone of May is Emerald. The name comes from the Greek word smaragdos which means green gemstone. This stone is said to bring harmony in married life and improve finances and concentration power.

Birthstones of June

The Modern Birthstones for the month of June are Moonstone and Pearl. These stones are gemstones of the Moon and is said to bring happiness and stability in life. The Traditional birthstone for this month is the Alexandrite. This stone is believed to draw luck and good fortune.

Birthstones of July

The Modern and Traditional Gemstone for the month of July is Ruby. The name of this stone comes from the Latin word rubens which means red. Ruby is the Gemstone of the Sun and is said to give stability and remove fear.

Birthstones of August

The Modern Birthstone of August is Peridot. Peridots are said to protect the wearer against negative feelings. The name of this stone seems to have derived from the Greek word 'peridona', which means 'giving richness'. Sardonx is the traditional stone for August.

Birthstones of September

The Modern gemstones for September are the Sapphires and Iolite which belong to the corundum family. The traditional stones for this month are the Sapphires and the breathtakingly beautiful Peridot.

Birthstones of October

The Modern Gemstone for October is Opal. The name of this stone comes from Sanscrit, upala, meaning precious jewel. Another modern stone used as birthstone for this month is Tourmaline. It is also the traditional gem for the month.

Birthstones of November

The Modern Gemstone for November is the beautiful Yellow Topaz Gemstone. Citrine is both the modern and traditional gemstone for the month. It is a beautiful translucent gemstone which has derived its name from the word "citron", the French name for lemon. Citrine symbolizes light-heartiness, joy and happiness.

Birthstones of December

The Modern gemstones for December are Tanzanite, Blue Topaz and Turquoise. Tanzanite is a bluish purple colored gemstone which is quite rare and unique and gained popularity mainly based on the marketing efforts of the Tiffany Company. The traditional stones for this month are Zircon, Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli.