Pictures and paintings play an important role in Feng Shui as they are said to bring prosperity, health, harmony and happiness. They are mostly used when it is difficult to change the color of the walls of the Room and want to create a balance in energies. According to Feng Shui there are mainly two types of energy, yin and yang. The Yin energy is passive and promotes a calm relaxing environment whereas Yang is a more agitated source of non-passive energy. Pictures or Paintings can be selected based on the characteristics and energy of the Room where it is supposed to be kept. Another classification of pictures can be made on the basis of the Types or Elements, color and theme of the picture.The five elements in nature according to Feng Shui are

Water: The Water colors are green and black and some water element themes can be seas, rivers, fountains, waterfall, oceans etc.

Metal: The Metal colors are white and grey and some metal element themes can be metal coins, metal bowls full of oranges etc.

Earth: The Earth colors are colors like light yellow and light brown. An excellent example for an earth theme is the mountain.

Wood: The Wood colors are Green and Brown. The theme associated can be wood paintings or fresh upward growth.

Fire: The Fire colors are Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink and Purple. Some examples of Fire themes are fire place and Phoenix.

Apart from Paintings Photographs are also used in Feng Shui. For instance a happy family photograph where all the members are together and smiling happily wearing good clothes and jewelry is an excellent choice for bringing in good wealth luck, happiness and togetherness. Photographs or paintings showing pictures of loneliness, violence, sadness, war or poverty may be great pieces of art but not ideal to be kept at home. A Romantic picture showing the Couple together in the South West Corner of the bedroom is a huge romance enhancer.