How To Determine If A Coyote Has Killed Your Pet

If you live in an area where coyotes run prominent, you already know that you need to take extra care to ensure that your pets are not killed by a coyote. A coyote can easily kill a small dog or cat very quickly with little or no warning. Many people wonder what the signs are that may indicate that a coyote has killed your pet. This can be a very disturbing thing to think about, but some people prefer knowing the truth as opposed to continuing to wonder. People who have resided in rural areas for many years often accept that coyotes are a nuisance and can harm their pets. This is been a fact of life for many generations.

Bear in mind that coyotes used to be limited to rural or woodsy areas. As we have continued to build homes and businesses and take away more and more habitat, it has become common for coyotes to venture into cities and towns in search for food. Unfortunately, there are some people who attempt to feed coyotes in order to encourage them to come back. This is a very dangerous practice, as it blurs the line between a wild, domesticated animal and human contact. This is often the cause of coyotes becoming aggressive in populated areas. The coyotes begin to realize that humans are an excellent source of food, and they proceed accordingly, especially when they are hungry. When the coyote finds that there is no available food, they will gladly take the next best thing. Often, this may be a pet, or worse- a baby or toddler that is unattended. Coyotes have been known to attack small children who have been left unattended without warning.

Signs That A Coyote Has Killed A Pet

If you are looking for signs that a coyote has killed your pet, it may be very difficult. The reason for this is that coyotes typically eat their kill after they've killed it. Additionally, these animals are very quick and efficient at grabbing an animal and running off with it. This often happens in the blink of an eye before you even realize that your pet has disappeared. Many people are mystified by the disappearance of a pet that normally resides in a fenced backyard. Most of these people do not realize how agile a coyote is, and how easily they can jump or scale even a very tall fence. If you have a small pet that is kept in your backyard, and you know you have coyotes in the area, and the pet has disappeared without a trace, chances are it has been killed by a coyote. As gruesome as it sounds, unless you lost a very large animal, searching for the remains of your deceased pet will be fruitless. Chances are, the coyote will have devoured any remains of your pet, which will make it impossible to find any evidence.

Many people will search their yard and their surrounding areas in search of some type of evidence, or struggle. Those who understand that coyotes consume their kill can appreciate why they will not be able to find any remains, evidence or signs that a coyote has killed their pet. Contrary to popular belief, coyotes often hunt in packs. Yes, it's true, you may have observed a single coyote around your property. However, chances are there were several other coyotes that you may not have noticed. If you have small pets, and you live in an area with coyotes, it is very important that you protect your pets from the coyotes. Supervise your pets when they are outside, especially during early morning or evening hours.

If you have ever looked at coyote feces, you will notice that they appear quite different from a domesticated dog's feces. Coyote scat typically contains bulky matter and hair that is easily visible upon examination. The bulky matter and hair is exactly what it seems to be: is the undigested remains of animals that have been consumed by the coyote. Coyotes have been known to defecate to mark their territory.

If you observe any of your neighbors feeding wild coyotes, you should contact your local fish and game department immediately. Your fish and game department can help to educate your neighbor regarding the dangers of feeding wildlife. If you happen to observe a coyote on your property, you should be proactive in discouraging the coyote from remaining on your property.

Coyote Killed Your Pet

Coyotes may kill without leaving any sign.