There are many signs indicating that America is no longer a free country.  Everyone used to come to the United States of America from other countries to be part of a free country.  Unfortunately, America is quickly falling apart and is not going to be the land of the free for much longer. 

Monitor: It seems as though the government is constantly monitoring everything that we do.  There are people of the government watching our every move just waiting for us to do something wrong.  They are monitoring the e-mails that are dispersed, text messages that are sent out, and even our personal phone calls.  Specific departments of the government are even telling us what we can and cannot feed our children.

Government Raising Our Kids: The government seems as though they are the ones raising are kids.  They will send child protective services into your home if they feel you are not raising your kids up to their expectations.  They are also pushing vaccinations, not just on parents, but going into the children’s schools and pushing them to take them as well.  Not to mention they are going door to door almost forcing parents to vaccinate.  Why does the government think they have a say in how our kids should be raised and what goes into their bodies? 

Body Scanners: Their excuse is that they want to ensure the safety of their citizens, but the naked body scanners are pushing the limits.  As if it is not good enough just to walk through the body scanner once, there are people who send passengers through the scanner several times before they can board the plane.

Checkpoints: In America, throughout the states they are starting to set up TSA checkpoints at various locations.  At these checkpoints the TSA can search you and your vehicle to make sure you are complying with all of their rules.  This is happening more and more in America with unannounced searches before you enter onto the highway, at train stations, rest stops, etc. 

Banning Gardens: This is a huge issue on why America is no longer a free country.  In many states there have been garden bans where people are unable to grow their own fresh fruits and vegetables in their own yards.  They are forced to buy vegetables at a grocery store that are filled with pesticides.  It seems as though the government wants to just keep forcing poison down our throats.  There is no reason why the government should be allowed to ban people from growing their own gardens.

No Religion: What ever happened to one nation under God?  This is how things are supposed to be.  Now they want to take “In God we Trust” off of the dollar bill.  It is really sad that Christians cannot worship God the way our founding fathers had wanted.  They are also banning students to practice their religion and pray at school.  America is no longer a free country. 

Everyone is Suspicious: It seems as though they are labeling everyone as suspicious and a potential terrorist.  A 5 year old who was suspended at school for telling her friend she was going to shoot her with a toy gun was labeled as a terrorist.  American citizens who use Ron Paul bumper stickers on their vehicles, and those who pay for cash instead of using credit cards are labeled as suspicious.  It feels as though we need to watch our every move because we don’t want to do anything that they would feel is suspicious.

Healthcare Choices: How is it fair that we should be forced to buy healthcare?  There are some people who just can’t afford it and other simply do not see the doctors.  The healthcare system is being controlled by the government and it is just another way America is no longer a free country.

Freedom of Speech: What happened to our first amendment and our freedom of speech?  The federal government is taking that right away from Americans as well.  There was a notice put out that stated that people who believe conspiracy theories could be charged with fraud for spreading such rumors.  What happened to the right of our own opinion and to say what is on our mind?  This point also goes back to monitoring us.  We now have to be careful what we say.

Suggesting Terrorist Attacks to Our Children: It is one thing to be prepared, but it is another thing to plan for terrorist attacks.  You never know when terrorist attacks could happen and it is not supposed to be something out of the ordinary.  We are now preparing our children for terrorist attacks.  It is now mandatory that every school will be required to have a drill every month that practices safety in regards to fires, bomb threats, shootings, etc.  These drills are scaring our kids and causing them to think that these attacks are normal.

Raw Milk Ban: Here they go again telling us what we can and cannot eat.  In several states they have banned the sale of raw milk and have actually been dumping it out right in front of the farmers.  If a consumer would like to purchase raw milk, it isn’t right that the government can state that it is illegal.  This is very sad that we are limited to healthy foods we can eat and drink.

Gun Ban: This hasn’t happened yet, but America is heading into this direction quickly.  In Nazi Germany, Hitler stated that there were too many injuries and deaths due to guns and they would need to be registered.  Not long after that they placed a gun ban and everyone was required to hand in their firearms.  This sounds very familiar doesn’t it?  As we see gun buns taking place we can bet that America is no longer free as we no longer have the right to bear arms.

This is just a partial list of the many reasons why America is quickly turning against freedom and liberty.  It is our responsibility as U.S. American citizens to keep America free before the country slowly deteriorates.