When To Dump Your Lawyer

When you find yourself in a situation that requires you to obtain legal representation, the lawyer that you hire can easily make or break your case. This will affect the outcome and compensation that you may receive. If you are tired of the way your lawyer is handling your case, you may be wondering if you are seeing signs of a bad lawyer. It is not uncommon to hire a lawyer and realize that they are not all that you thought they were cracked up to be. That's okay; you're not the first, and you will not be the last. It is important to learn how to recognize the signs of a bad lawyer and once you do, terminating this legal Turkey will be a snap.

If your lawyer consistently does not return your phone calls in a timely manner, and you find yourself feeling like you're in the dark with respect to your pending case, you will definitely want to replace your attorney. Lawyers are busy; and while the occasional delay in returning your phone call is nothing to stress or panic over, repeated conduct of this nature is unacceptable. You have the right to receive timely updates regarding your case on a regular basis. If your lawyer does not have the courtesy or affects to keep you informed of your case, it's probably time to find yourself a new lawyer.

If you find that your attorney prefers to return your phone messages with an e-mail, your lines of communication may not be as open as they should be. Perhaps I'm old-fashioned, but I believe that it is a simple courtesy to return a phone call with a phone call, and not an e-mail. Sending an e-mail in response to a phone call is an act of avoidance and can end up costing you even more money in the long run. Make sure that you have good open communication and that you can easily conduct productive dialogue with your attorney. If you find that you need to speak with your attorney and you keep receiving e-mails, speak with your attorney and if that does not resolve the issue, it may be time to move on.

If your lawyer has missed deadlines and is not filing your documents correctly, this shows a clear lack of diligence, negligence and may speak volumes regarding the way the attorney conduct business. You are paying your attorney to represent your legal interests. Because of this, you deserve punctuality and reliability when dealing with someone who is handling your legal matters. It is also worth noting that you're being charged hundreds or thousands of dollars for the privilege of handling this matter; you certainly deserved prompt and punctual.

You may come across an attorney who is disrespectful. This seems surprising, considering how much money we pay these lawyers to represent our case. If a lawyer cannot maintain professionalism with their clients, you can guarantee that they cannot maintain professionalism with your opponents in the courtroom. Attorneys who disrespect their clients, either by belittling, name-calling, or constantly interrupting are not worth continuing to deal with. Their poor manners will bleed through your case and leave you feeling awful. Be sure to hire an attorney who treats you as his boss because that's who you are. You call the shots in your case and you pay your attorney's paycheck. Despite what you may be told  by your lawyer, don't you ever forget that! You have the right to fire your lawyer at anytime.