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Am i mentally derailed?

Sometimes, always, we might be suffering from one mental illness or the other without knowing that we are mentally unfit. Haven lived around some folks who later grew up to become lunatics, and with my passion to understand the psychological human state of mind, based on the id, the ego and the superego, I have compiled this few signs that tells the reader if he needs a psychiatric attention or not.

Mental illness comes in different forms and degree, and also, their symptoms vary, but there are common symptoms that clearly indicate the eminence of a mental illness or inbalance.


Before I continue with my lesson, I would love to point out clearly here that being mentally ill does not necessarily entail going out to the public on shabby clothes, begging food and money on the streets or even dancing an invisible song beating far away in the person's mind, which no other person but the person alone hears.

What am I trying to say in essence? Mental illness can come in the form of; hatred for others or the opposite sex, strong passion to kill, hatred for food, passion to lie always, hatred to work, laziness, unnecessary desire for sex and gores etc. Having this at the back of your mind, you can now be able to evaluate your mental state with a balanced judgement without being in doubt of what exactly mental illness is.

Without blabbering about, let me go straight to the topic, “signs you are mentally ill”. I know by now that you may be wondering if you are not a victim of this topic already? Please, you don’t have to, because i am not writing this to scare you, but to enlighten you for your own good, and for the good of so many other people that will come across this article. Haven made things clear, i want you to relax and get the real gist before jumping into conclusion. And please after reading this article, I want you to recommend it to your beloved friends, family members and colleagues if you truly care about them, because this is a serious issue in our world today.

Before I move on, I want to ask you this simple question; have you ever seen a mentally ill person before? If yes, how did you feel? And lastly, what if you or your loved one becomes victim? This is why you must take this topic very seriously. Now, let’s move on with the ddiscussion.

Signs of Mental Illness In Adults

If an adult is having a mental problem, the symptoms are quite different from that observed in teenagers or kids. And some of the apparent signs or symptoms of mental illness in adults include:

-Withdrawal from social activities

-Confused thinking and negative reasoning

-Continuous irritability and long-lasting sadness

-Excessive mood fluctuations (high and low)

-A significant change in eating manner and sleeping habits

-Hallucinations or what I may call delusions

-Lousiness and failures to face daily responsibilities and challenges

-Continuous thoughts of suicide and death

-Continuous drug abuse and alcohol usage

-Fear and anxiety

If you observe any of the above signs or symptoms in a loved one, or you experience it within you, please seek for immediate medical (psychiatric) attention, because the earlier you seek for a psychiatric attention, the better it can be handled.

Signs of Mental Illness In Older Children & Teens

One of the early signs of mental illness in teenage children is the abuse of alcohol and drug. Now let us look at some of the most frequent signs.

-Eating and sleeping disorder

-Continuous nightmares (bad and horrible dreams)

-Excessive complaints and feel of being cheated always

-Intense fear of gaining or loosing weight

-Denial of parental or guardian scolds

-Skipping school, pilfering, or passion to destroy things

-Strong passion to bully animals (pets) or fellow peers

-Long lasting negative moods and hatred for others

-Defying authority and advice

-Inability to cope with daily problems and challenges.

How To Know If A Child Is Mentally Ill

In younger children, the symptoms varies, and these symptoms include:

-Low performance in school (poor grades despite academic efforts)

-Excessive anxiety and over worry

-Persistent nightmares

-Chronic disobedience and aggressiveness

-High temperaments and frequent anger

If you observe some of these signs in your child or relation, please don’t hesitate to offer help because it may one day affect you or your loved ones, especially when the affected person resolves to violence which they always do. This negligence has led to the murder of many today. Therefore, don’t ignore them, or hesitate to assist, instead, render help, and consult a psychiatrist immediately for proper care. Let us join hands and make this earth a better and safer home for all!

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