A Funny list of reasons to donate your old car and get a new one.

Many of us who need a new car either are too attached to our old to get rid of it or think we just can't afford it "right now."  However, there are just some flat out signs that you need to either donate the car or donate the car parts and get another ride.


1)  You need a hanger to change the radio station because your knobs are missing

2)  You use a hanger as an antennae

3)  You have to get in and out of your car through the windows because the doors no longer open. Really cool for Bo and Luke Duke but you......not so much.

4)  You're still rocking an 8-track player in 2012

5) People start singing the theme to "Sanford and Son" whenever you drive by in your car

6)  You offer to lend your car to a friend in desperate need of transportation and they laugh at you

7)  Your spouse takes out extra life insurance as long as you continue to drive your hunk of junk

8)   You keep wondering what that stench is in your trunk  and hope it wasn't once alive since you can no longer get it open

9)  You have to push your car to get it started hoping and praying that you can get to the staring wheel before you hit traffic

10) You drive 20 mile per hour in the slow lane "just in case"

11) No reputable insurance company will insure you car

12) You have to pay your cousin who works as a mechanic so your car passes inspection

13) You take your car to the mechanic and he looks at you like "what the hell?"

14) Your kids ask you why the car is outside growling

15) Your mother makes the sign of the cross every time you leave the house

16)  Someone leaves a note on your car that says "Take Me To the Junkyard"

17) You called someone who advertised "We Buy Cars" and they hang up on you

18) You have to use your compact as a rear view mirror

19)  You have to tape your side mirrors in place with duct tape spray painted to match the car color

20)  You have a "special tap" sequence to get the hood of your car open

21)  They no longer make replacement parts for anything in your car

22) You get pulled over more than 3 times a week for traffic citations

23)  You have to use a flashlight for your head lights

24)  You have to pull over to change the radio station because you are using a hanger

24a) Or you're stuck listening to  and old radion station playing Lawrence Welk on your commute because you can't pull over on the highway to change the station because you'll get a ticket for doing the running start thingy you need to get your car going

25)  You have a separate CD player taped to your dashboard to play CD's

26)  You get pulled over for a citation and get arrested because you needed a hanger to open your glove compartment and the cop didn't believe you

27)  You get a ticket for defacing city property because your muffler is so low on the ground that it carves images in the street

28)  When a $100 repair is too much to risk because it's worth more than your car


It's time to get a new car. OK, these examples are a little extreme but you get the point. You know when it's time for you to get a new car.  You can donate your old car to many charities and the car or car parts will go to feed the hungry, search for a cure for all types of cancers, help veterans and the homeless, help children and a score of other things.


You can read more about donating your car below. These are written specifically for California, but it's the same process in every state.  Happy driving  :)

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