In modern society, we know the importance of education. For parents who may not have had the opportunities afforded to the current generation, there is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing one of their children fail to take advantage. All over America, there are children who fall behind in class. Without individual attention, they soon quit and the doors that were open to them vanish forever. Teachers are overworked as it is and cannot afford the time it takes to bring an individual child up to speed.

This is where parents must do their part by spotting signs that their child may need a tutor. An estimated $8 billion a year is already spent on tutors by parents eager to ensure that their child gets the best possible education. The ‘No Child Left Behind’ program ran by Congress spends an additional $1 billion to tackle the issue. But how do you know if your child is in desperate need of a tutor? Here are some basic warning signs.

Result Doesn’t Match The Effort
You cannot ask your child to give more than 100% when it comes to keeping his grades up. It’s one thing slacking off in school, it’s quite another for a child to be simply unable to keep up despite his best efforts. If you know that your child works extremely hard and dedicates enough time to his homework but is seeing no progress whatsoever, it’s clear that individual attention is necessary. A tutor will be able to find and address your child’s weak points and help him find ways to overcome these learning difficulties.

Another tell-tale sign that a child is in need of a tutor is if he finds new and imaginative excuses to stay home from school. This fear may also be apparent if your child shows an unusual amount of anxiety over tests and exams. These symptoms show that your child is afraid of being criticized by his teachers, parents as well as being teased by his peer group. It is obvious that your child is in need of a major confidence boost. A high quality tutor has the ability to make learning fun and instil confidence into the most introverted child. A tutor’s encouragement and approval will also increase your child’s self-esteem and start removing the doubts that hold him back.

Lack Of Motivation
If your child was full of enthusiasm at a young age but it has quickly dwindled as his grades started falling and remained low, it’s clear that something is wrong. Children like this have basically quit and are waiting to leave school at the first opportunity. You’ll often hear them tell themselves that they are stupid and that school is pointless. A tutor can inject some enthusiasm back into the child by showing them that education is a worthwhile pursuit.

It can cost a small fortune to send a child through school so investing a little extra to dramatically improve his chances of gaining at least a high school diploma is money worth spending. A proper education is a valuable tool, make sure that your child gets all the benefits.  Read online tutoring reviews to learn more and see if it may be an option for your child.