Relationships can be so uncertain; sometimes people break up, even if they still want to keep the relationship intact. Knowing whether or not your ex wants to rekindle your relationship can be very difficult, but if you're paying attention, there can be some significant signs that your ex wants you back. A break up is not always the end of a relationship, and being attentive to the things your ex is saying and doing can help you to figure the situation out.

Important Clues

If your ex has maintained open communications with you, this is an excellent first step. Once communication is completely closed, it can be almost impossible to rebuild a relationship. Examples of this include initiating conversations or emails with you, keeping up with the latest occurrences in your life, and asking your advice about things that are going on in his or her life. Making time to spend with you in person or even asking friends and relatives how you are doing is another indicator that the relationship may not be completely over.

Another sign that your ex wants you back involves their body language when they are around you. If your ex is flirtatious or flustered when they see you, they could be thinking back to the beginning of your relationship. An ex who makes no excuses to leave the room when they are in your presence or who tries to spend more time with you may also be looking to restore your relationship.

Expressions of regret or wishing they had handled things differently in your relationship are another definite indicator that your ex has thought about how your relationship could have been different for both of you. If your ex is visibly trying to better him or herself, or trying to improve personality flaws that upset you during the relationship, this can be a key indicator that he or she wants you back.

Pay Attention

Every person and every relationship are certainly different, but there are always signs your ex wants you back if that is indeed the case. Pay attention to how your ex speaks to you and what he or she says as well as how he or she acts when around you. If you misread the signs, you could be missing out on a chance to rebuild the relationship of a lifetime. Some of the best relationships were built on a second chance.