High blood pressure or hypertension is a consistent rise of the pressure of blood, pulsing against the walls of the arteries and other blood vessels. When in regular blood examination, the blood pressure measurements gives a significant rise above the normal range. When you see signs of high blood pressure, there is the need to seek for preventive measures.

Many factors are responsible for causing high blood pressure. These may be hereditary, endocrine or emotional factors. Other factors also may play a part in causing high blood pressure. Signs of high blood pressure must be known to enable you detect the underlying cause, so as to apply preventive measures for high blood pressure profitably.

High blood pressure can cause many problems, like kidney disease, heart attack, and stroke. People who are too fat are victims. To be too fat is not healthy. Too much fat aids in causing high blood pressure, diabetes, gallstones, arthritis, and the above mentioned diseases.

Signs of high blood pressure which would necessitate preventive measures, includes, weakness and dizziness, frequent headaches, pounding of the heart and shortness of breath whenever you engage in a minor exercise or activity. At the onset of high blood pressure, there appear to be no signs. Signs of high blood pressure are actually when the situation becomes dangerous.

Where signs of high blood pressure abound, there is the need for preventive measures to be taken, to avert the dangerous condition. Preventive measures for high blood pressure include:

1. Eat balanced diets

Avoid eating fatty, greasy, or oily foods. You must put away sugar or sweet foods. You must also avoid eating too much of carbohydrates, like bread, potatoes, rice, yam, and corn. Use vegetable oil instead of pig fat, and lean meat instead of red meat. You should eat more of fruits and vegetables.

2. Lose your weight, if overweight

If you see that you are overweight, seek to lose your weight immediate to avoid endangering yourself. Your diet should be reduced or halved, to enable you lose weight.

3. Avoid Smoking of cigarette and Drinking of Alcohol

These are harmful habits to your health. Smoking of cigarette and drinking of alcohol are habits that distort the normal functioning of your body, thereby causing diseases and other health problems.

4. Seek Medical Help

When you notice the above signs of high blood pressure, or have an extremely high blood pressure, seek medical help immediately. See your doctor, and take prescribed drugs regularly.

It is possible to lower your high blood pressure, when you have noticed the above signs of high blood pressure, follow the above preventive measures for high blood pressure, and the relief would come. For some persons, what they need is to lose weight, and their high blood pressure, becomes lowered.

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