Car Symptoms


Relying on your car everyday is one reason that we can detect subtle changes in its driving. Determining what these symptoms mean is a major hassle. This is why we must look at the most common issues that arise.

Shaky Driving

If the vehicle shakes or trembles when passing a certain speed the issue is likely the tires. Most often the tires are out of alignment. A simple trip to the tire shop fixes this with a quick alignment.

Lurching when Stopping

This could be one of two issues. The first is the one side of the brakes are more worn than the other. This simply requires replacing the brakes with a properly aligned set. The other relates to the fuel pump and should also manifest itself as an acceleration issue.

*note : If a grinding noise is heard then the issue is brake wear. The pads are so thin that the metal on the rotor or drum is grinding. This requires immediate attention as brake failure is imminent and rear ending someone is a definite possibility.

Sluggish Acceleration 

In most situations this is either the fuel pump or filter. As the process for replacing one is near the same for the other, and that fuel filters are cheap, one should have both done at the same time when using a mechanic. If done yourself than it might be possible to get away with changing just the filter.

Sudden Thump

CarEngineA thump occurs when driving is the sign of worn out spark plugs. Changing these is simple and is a home mechanics cake walk. A simple inexpensive tool allows anyone to make this change.

Rapid Clicking, No Start

This classic scenario is the sign of a dead battery. Don't run off and buy a battery yet. In this situation one can simply clean the battery terminals. Often a corroded terminal will cut the connection required to start a car. If you don't have any tools, simply give the terminal a good twist, this will destroy enough rust keep you running.