Every year more than one million women are abused at the hands of their partners. Sadly many of them are unaware they are even being abused. Emotional abuse is one that cannot be seen with the eye, yet still very real, and just one of the ways that domestic violence is affecting ladies of all ages.

Signs of Emotional Abuse

They say that love is blind and this must be true. While onlookers may find it easy to see what is going on, an individual in the middle often fails to realize they are being hurt. Sometimes it is ‘cute’ to have a boyfriend jealous, and sometimes women make excuses for the behavior. Since there are no bruises or physical contact, oftentimes women feel they are being too emotional or over reacting to a situation. This is not the truth. Emotional abuse is very real. Here are some signs of emotional abuse.

Name Calling

If it is not your name, honey, sugar or sweetie, he has no right to use it when speaking to you. This is a sign of emotional abuse, and if you find your partner oftentimes bringing you down by calling you names it may be time to seek help.

Bringing you Down

Along with name calling if you are being made fun of, told that you are worthless or no one would want you, these are signs of the abuse that we are talking about. These are just some examples. If it doesn’t make you happy to hear, yet makes a tear fall out of the eye, chances are you’re being hurt by the one that you love.


An abuser will try to control your mind. Abuse is all about power, and with this control the abuser has the ultimate power. There are a number of ways that he can try to control your behavior, from telling you where you can go and who you can go with to telling you the type of clothing that you can wear to how you can take care of the children.

Silent Treatment

The silent treatment is another form of emotional abuse. If he becomes angry with you and then offers this as a solution it could be a sign of abuse.


Are you always being blamed for things? Is he short-tempered and angered by the simple things in life, and all because it is your fault? Blaming someone else for things is another emotional abuse sign.

Emotional Detachment

Detaching from you emotionally is also a sign to watch for. This can be anything from sleeping in another room at night to no longer talking to you. Making an emotional detachment may also mean that he isn’t paying attention to your feelings or your reactions to certain situations.